CA Exam 2021: Guidelines Issued For Exam Centres By ICAI

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  • ICAI issues guidelines for exam centres
  • CA Exams 2021 will be conducted in December 2021
  • ICAI said adequate social distancing will be followed

The Institute of Chartered Accountants of India (ICAI) has issued detailed guidelines for the examination centres which are going to conduct exams for the candidates appearing for the December 2021 CA examinations in the wake of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic and asked the exam centres to fulfil the necessary guidelines during the period of CA examinations.

ICAI is also going to implement adequate social distancing measures in the current scenario of COVID-19 to ensure the health and safety of the candidates. Sufficient measures will be taken up to ensure the safety of all without compromising the high standards, sanctity and fairness in the conduct of the examination.

The guidelines are issued by ICAI and will be followed by all the ICAI Examination centres in addition to the applicable guidelines for them which are issued by the Government of India/ State Governments.

The Exam centres shall make sure that they fulfil the requirements stated below at all times during the period of the CA examinations in December 2021.

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ICAI Guidelines for examination centres:

1. All the staff members on examination duty shall wear Gloves and Masks at all times to ensure their safety and that of others during the examinations.

2. While the candidate has been asked to wear their own mask, carry their own water bottle and also carry 50/100 ml sanitisers bottle; the examination centres shall ensure that superintendent shall keep masks for the candidate(s) who report to require a face mask or in case of malfunctioning of their own mask during an appearance for examinations. While the candidate will carry their own water bottle, the Centre will also make sure the availability of packaged water bottle at sufficient number of locations. Additionally, hand Sanitizer at the venue entry and inside the examination centres shall be made available in sufficient quantity on prominent places on all the days during the conduct of examinations.

3. The exam centre shall ensure that deep sanitization of the examination rooms, common areas and washroom to ensure safety and hygiene every day after the conclusion of the examination is done so that safety requirements are met for the next day of examinations.

4. Sufficient quantity of liquid handwash/ soap shall also be made available in washrooms for washing of hands.

5. The exam centres shall deploy a sufficient number of thermal guns to check the temperature of candidates and all staff members on duty at the entry point.

6. Those candidates/ staff who are not coming with the prescribed temperature limit be asked not to enter inside the venue and where such candidates are being refused entry inside the hall, their details shall be entered in the attendance register.

7. The examination centre shall provide additional notice boards, display signages etc. for guidance of candidate/ staff to display the location of rooms/sitting plans at appropriate places for the help of candidates.

8. The examination centres shall identify the different wings of the premises separately highlighting them as Wing A, B and so on. Each wing shall be a standalone examination centre. There shall be a separate entry to each wing to the extent possible.

9. The exam centres shall deploy sufficient staff members at the entry point so that there is no crowd gathering and social distancing is religiously followed. 

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10. The attention of the examination centre is also drawn to the guidelines issued for the centre superintendent as also for the candidates forming an attachment to instant communication to give a total integrated bird eye view of the SOPs/ guidelines at the ICAI exam centre.

11. While the admit card will be printed online, the candidates have to give their consent to follow the various guidelines issued by the Governmental authorities as also the ICAI by way of an undertaking. They shall also undertake that they are appearing in this examination with the full consent and permission of their parents/ guardian.

12. The exit of the candidates from 5.00 pm onwards has to be planned in such a way that the exit is allowed on the basis of room-wise occupancies to ensure that exit is in a staggered manner by keeping appropriate time gap difference between the exit of candidates of two rooms.

13. All examination staff shall carry No-Risk status in Aarogya Setu App installed in their Mobile.

14. As an exception due to COVID -19 precautions, candidates will be allowed to leave the examination centre from 4:00 PM onwards and entry to the examination centre shall be allowed from 1.00 PM onwards for December 2021 Examination.

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