From Pitch to Profit: 10 Best Shark Tank India Products You Must See!

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Explore the vast world of startup pitches and success stories with our carefully picked list of the 10 best Shark Tank India products. Shark Tank India is an Indian adaptation of the popular American reality show Shark Tank that took the entrepreneurial world by storm! Launched in 2022, the show features some budding Indian entrepreneurs who pitch to a panel of investors in hopes of securing their funding and mentorship. 


This article presents some of the most remarkable and revolutionary products that not only made it through the competitive Shark Tank Indian season but also won the much-needed investments. Come along as we investigate the pitches, deals and impacts of these revolutionary concepts that have permanently altered the rapidly developing Indian startup scene. 

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Top 10 Shark Tank India Products: Success Stories You Need to Know!

The shark tank products mentioned below are a compelling combination of invention and commercial ability. Every product, from innovative living solutions to state-of-the-art tech wonders, tells a story of achievement, perseverance, and dedication. 

1. TagZ Chips

In May 2019, Anish Basu Roy and Sagar Bhalotia co-founded the popped potato chip company TagZ. The company offers chips that are gluten-free, neither fried nor roasted and 50% lower in fat than conventional potato chips. They have established a premium reputation in the market for healthy snacks. There are several flavours of TagZ chips, including Cream and onion, Masala, and Salted. 

Best Shark Tank India Products - TagZ Chips

From consumers who read nutrition labels to those who think with their taste buds, the brand creates novel snacking experiences using cutting-edge food technology. Its low price point in the FMCG sector made TagZ chips one of the most famous products on Shark Tank India. 

Standout Features:

  • Popped, not fried, a guilt-free crunch for health-conscious snackers.
  • Flavour fusions like tandoori twists & masala chaat
  • Online hustle: bypassing tradition, delivering directly to your cravings.
  • “Fit. Lit. Snacktivity”: brand story resonating with the modern snacker.
  • Shark Tank gave them funding, mentorship, and a platform for a bigger launch.

2. Skippi Ice Pops

Among the best Shark Tank India products, Hyderabad-based ice pop company Skippi Ice Pops experienced a notable surge in popularity and prosperity following its debut. The brand, co-founded in 2021 by Anuja Kabra and Ravi, sells ice pops in various flavours, including raspberry, orange, cola, mango twist, bubblegum, and lemon. 

Best Shark Tank India Products-Skippi Ice Pops

It had its premiere on Shark Tank India, where it was the first to obtain an investment of one crore and an All Shark deal. Skippi Ice Pops bring back nostalgic recollections of bygone school days with their delectable ice pops. They are manufactured entirely using natural ingredients. The brand had a 40x increase in income following its Shark Tank debut, hitting 2-2.8 crore every month in 2022.

Standout features:

  • Real fruit ice pops made using refreshing palates.
  • Funky flavours like Mango Chili and Kala Khatta
  • Mobile carts bring icy joy to every street corner.
  • Quirky branding & catchy jingle making summer sweeter.
  • Sharks unanimously funded this startup for expansion and unleashed the power of popsicles.

3. Organic Smokes

Organic Smokes, a brand offering herbal and ayurvedic cigarettes, gained attention on Shark Tank India Season 2, Episode 5. Using medicinal herbs to provide a therapeutic smoking experience, Organic Smokes offers an ayurvedic smoking collection. Alongside “Winston” for beauty appliances and “Flatheads” for shoes, the brand presented on Shark Tank India Season 2, Episode 5. 

Shark Tank India Products-Organic Smokes

The sharks were intrigued by Organic Smokes’ inventive and distinctive product line, which fits nicely with India’s expanding wellness and health trend. Since appearing on Shark Tank India, Organic Smokes has been able to increase its brand awareness and draw in possible investors as it works to broaden its consumer base and improve the accessibility of its products.

Standout Features:

  • It introduced a unique concept of mock smoking
  • The company introduced herbal, nicotine-free and tobacco-free cigarettes.
  • It offers an alternative to those who want to quit smoking.
  • From regular and menthol to milk cream and blueberry, the company was praised for its versatile flavours.
  • Organic Smokes was unable to secure a deal on the Shark Tank.

4. Hammer Lifestyle

Following its stint on Shark Tank India, Hammer Lifestyle, an Indian D2C and FMEG (fast-moving electronic goods) company, saw notable growth and success. Hammer Lifestyle provides many high-tech lifestyle products, such as IoT gadgets, smartwatches with calling capabilities, wireless headphones, and earbuds.

Top Shark Tank India Products-Hammer Lifestyle

With items created especially to meet their demands, the business focuses on enhancing clients’ comfort, style, and fitness level. Hammer Lifestyle had an enormous spike in orders and website traffic following their appearance on Shark Tank India, with a five-fold rise in internet traffic during the month of the airing.

Standout Features:

  • It brings bass-blasting audio on a budget for trendy tech lovers.
  • Goes beyond Bluetooth: Smartwatches with style & smarts, tracking workouts and calls.
  • Toothbrush tech twist: Electric smiles at wallet-friendly prices.
  • Cutting out the middleman, delivering straight to the client’s doors.
  • Had a buzz-worthy pitch, igniting national brand awareness.

5. Quirky Naari

One of the standout Shark Tank India Product, the Quirky Naari is a fashion and lifestyle startup offering quirky footwear and apparel. Malvica Saxena founded the company, which sells a range of shoes, but its standout items include hand-painted jackets and bridal wear with quirky designs. The brand wants to satisfy customers’ desires for customisation so they can add a personal touch to their attires.

Amazing Shark Tank India Product-Quirky Naari

The whole idea revolves around offering a vibrant, lively feel. This startup got funding worth Rs 35 lakh after appearing on the show. This significantly increased brand awareness, and in only 36 hours, the business’s Instagram account gained over 10,000 new followers, and heavy traffic caused its website to break down.

Standout Features:

  • Quirky shoes that strut confidence down the aisle.
  • Barbie vibes with a desi twist to unleash the inner girl boss with vibrant, playful footwear.
  • Their sneakers are statements of self-expression.
  • Their online community fuels brand love, and every #NaariStep is a viral moment.
  • It got funding, mentorship, and a platform to shine brighter through Shark Tank.

6. Beyond Food

Highlighted among the top products of Shark Tank India, Beyond Food stands as a provider of nutritious and delicious food items, including snacks made from wholesome ingredients. Following its debut on Shark Tank India, where it demonstrated its distinctive product options and creative take on healthy eating, the firm attracted a lot of success. 

Best Shark Tank India Product-Beyond Food

The products from Beyond Food, such as the Kerala Banana Chips, won over the sharks with their distinct flavour profiles and delicious taste. The brand presented an appealing investment opportunity because of its emphasis on natural and healthy components, which aligns with India’s rising trend towards wellness and health. Beyond Food has seen tremendous success and development after appearing on Shark Tank India, and its goods are now more widely available through multiple stores.

Standout Features:

  • Plant-powered plates and sustainable meals delivered.
  • They offer multiple flavours, from Thai curries to Mexican fiesta.
  • The products are locally sourced and chef-curated.
  • App orders, seamless delivery, and healthy eating made easy.
  • Shark Tank gave them funding, networks, and a platform to nourish the nation.

7. Nomad Food Project

Aditya Rai and Advaith Inamke developed the Nomad Food Project, which is well-known for its handmade food items, especially its thechas and bacon jams. Following its appearance on Shark Tank India, the business attracted a lot of interest and, in an unusual move, got investment bids from all seven of the Sharks. 

Shark Tank India Product-Nomad Food Project

In the end, the Nomad Food Project struck a deal for 40 lakhs in return for 20% equity with four Sharks: Vineeta Singh, Namita Thapar, Ghazal Alagh, and Ashneer Grover. The brand has established itself as a shining example of entrepreneurial success in the food business because of its inventive and distinctive product offers and its effective sales and marketing techniques.

Standout Features:

  • Savory jams that redefine snacking.
  • From Tokyo Teriyaki to Kerala Fry, it offers flavour adventures in every bite.
  • Spicy kicks and smoky dips to add to your gourmet thrills.
  • Crackers, chips, cheese & more, Nomad’s magic elevates every culinary chore.
  • The brand hooked all 7 Sharks sharks and got funding and fame through the show.

8. Bamboo India

Bamboo India is a startup company that sells eco-friendly bamboo goods, including straws, cutlery, and toothbrushes. Following its participation in Shark Tank India, where it garnered investment proposals from many Sharks, the business attracted much attention. The brand struck an 80 lakhs contract for 20% equity with Sharks Ashneer and Anupam. 

Top Shark Tank India Products-Bamboo India

The brand is a desirable investment because of its emphasis on sustainability and environmental friendliness, which fits India’s rising trend of environmental concern. Bamboo India’s goal to improve the world has advanced thanks to its involvement in Shark Tank India, which increased its brand awareness and drew possible investors.

Standout Features:

  • Replacing plastic with bamboo’s gentle brush.
  • With Toothbrushes, speakers, and many other products, they elevate sustainability, not just in the bathroom.
  • Handmade goodness with global appeal, changing the face of sustainable gifting.
  • Shark Tank propelled their mission and brought them to centre stage.
  • Building a cleaner, greener future with brushstrokes.

9. Farda Clothing

Following its participation in Shark Tank India, Farda Clothing, a creative, unisex, high-street fashion business, garnered a lot of attention. The firm is well-known for its distinctive and fashionable designs, which include personalized denim, elaborate patterns, and functional streetwear cargo. Farda Clothing provides clients with a distinctive and customized fashion experience with designs that draw inspiration from art, detailed design, and culture. 

Best Shark Tank India Products- Farda Clothing

The brand is now in high demand, thanks to its personalized streetwear and distinctive designs, making it a popular option among fashion fans. Farda Clothing works with the goal of giving its clients access to fashionable and creative apparel alternatives. Notably, it stands among the best Shark Tank India products and has also sought the attention of many investors since its participation in the show.

Standout Features:

  • Hand-printed block patterns with modern designs, fusing ancestral art with urban vibes.
  • Bold cuts and statement pieces that make everyday streetwear runway-worthy.
  • Ethically made in India by local artisans.
  • The brand embraces organic cotton threads and has ditched synthetics, making it more planet-friendly.
  • Funded by Sharks, Farda’s ready to set Indian streetwear ablaze.

10. BrainWired

Last on our list is an agritech firm called BrainWired that was highlighted on Shark Tank India. It is an electronic system for tracking and monitoring livestock health. The startup wants to provide farmers with high-end technologies at an affordable price and increase animal output. The founders’ successful negotiation of an agreement with the Sharks proved the viability of their creative idea. 

Best Shark Tank India Product- BrainWired

The WeSTOCK system from BrainWired is intended to offer livestock producers genuine value. It has the potential to become a household name among Indian farmers as a hallmark of reliability and excellence. The company’s goal is to transform livestock management in India. Thanks to its debut on Shark Tank India, it has successfully advanced in the right direction. Shark Tank increased its awareness and drew several possible investors.

Standout Features:

  • Smart ear tags & AI to track livestock health for happier herds.
  • Early alerts for farmers, thus saving lives and boosting profits.
  • Tech is accessible to all. It empowers even small farms to thrive.
  • From Kerala to the world, the brand has now received global recognition.
  • With Shark Tank’s funding and mentorship, BrainWired is ready to wire up farms everywhere.


The 10 Best Shark Tank India Products listed above not only epitomize innovation but also serve as a tribute to the limitless potential of the Indian market’s entrepreneurial spirit. Every product is an example of the power of ideas brought to life, from the excitement of the pitch to the success of getting investors. 

As these businesses grow and influence sectors, they act as models of success for would-be business owners. The Shark Tank platform has had a lasting effect on India’s business landscape by not just giving a platform to ambitious startups but also fostering a vibrant ecosystem of innovation and business acumen.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

What is Shark Tank India?

Shark Tank India is a reality business show where aspiring entrepreneurs pitch their ideas and products to a panel of successful business leaders known as “Sharks.” The Sharks evaluate the proposals and invest in the most promising ventures, providing their financial support and expertise to these businesses to help them grow.

Who are the judges of the current season of Shark Tank India? 

The judges of the current season of Shark Tank India are:
Amit Jain: CEO and co-founder of CarDekho
Aman Gupta: Co-founder and Chief Marketing Officer of boAt
Namita Thapar: Executive Director of Emcure Pharmaceuticals
Peyush Bansal: Co-founder and CEO of Lenskart
Anupam Mittal: Founder of 
Vineeta Singh: Founder of Sugar Cosmetics
Ghazal Alagh: Founder of Mama Earth

Who is the richest shark in Shark Tank India?

The richest shark in Shark Tank India is Anupam Mittal, who is also the founder of, a successful online matrimonial platform.

Who is the youngest shark in Shark Tank India?

The youngest shark in Shark Tank India is Peyush Bansal, the co-founder and CEO of Lenskart.

Which company got the biggest deal on Shark Tank India?

The company that got the biggest deal on Shark Tank India was Unstop, a platform aiming to bridge the technical skills gap. During Season 2, they secured a Rs 5 crore investment for 10% equity from Amit Jain, founder of CarDekho. 

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