10 Best Malayalam Movies On Amazon Prime, Watch In (2024)

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Regional cinema has always attracted an audience. Novel approaches to narrative and character development have now contributed to the success of Malayalam films. Numerous best malayalam movies on Amazon Prime, paying homage to the expanding popularity of independent film producers. Filmmakers from a new age, such as Jeethu Joseph and Liju Jose Pellissery, are continuously setting higher standards and giving viewers emotionally appealing experiences and entertainment. 

10 Amazon Prime Best Malayalam Movies For Cinematic Wonders

Several of the greatest Malayalam movies from the last few years are known for their distinctive narrative styles, rich cultural nuances, and stellar performances. Here, we have curated a list of malayalam thriller movies in amazon prime that span across various genres to keep you hooked to your screens and enjoy a cinematic experience like no other.

1. Trance (2020 film)

Trance Best Malayalam movie

Directed by Anwar Rasheed, it is one of the best Malayalam movies in Amazon Prime. It was the first Malayalam movie to have a sync sound and was shot with Bolt High-Speed Cinebot cameras. Despite getting great reviews, the movie lost money and was a box-office failure because of the COVID-19 lockdown in the country.

Plot Summary

  • Motivational speaker Viju Prasad relocates to Mumbai after learning of his brother Kunjan’s suicide, which breaks his heart. 
  • There, he becomes embroiled in a false scam where he poses as Joshua Carlton, a Christian minister, and does fake miracles. 
  • The business expands, but Joshua’s drugging of the host is revealed in a TV interview. 
  • Fearing they will be exposed, Solomon and Isaac attack Joshua, who recovers miraculously from his hospital stay. 
  • Devastated by the passing of a follower’s daughter, Joshua reveals the fraud. Due to Joshua’s mental state, he is acquitted. Avarachan passes away, and Solomon and Isaac are slain. 


  • Its cinematography adds a breath of fresh air to the sequences set in Mumbai and Kanyakumari. The frames are extremely fashionable when combined with Jackson Vijayan and Sushin Shyam’s BGM.
Crew DetailsName
Lead ActorsFahadh Faasil, Gautham Vasudev Menon, Nazriya Nazim, and Dileesh Pothan.
CinematographyAmal Neerad
MusicJackson Vijayan
ProducerAnwar Rasheed

2. Unda (2019)

Unda 2019 on of the best malayalam movie

Unda movie directed by Khalid Rahman, The film “Unda” also secured the award for the Best Film of 2019 in the Chithrabhumi-Mathrubhumi online survey.

Plot Summary

  • Unda” is the word for “bullet” in Malayalam. The idea for the film came to the filmmakers after they read a story in the press about a state administration in Chattisgarh that made the unthinkable mistake of failing to arm a police unit in a Maoist-infested area in time for elections. 
  • Kerala sends help, but on the way, an explosion injures a police officer. With just eight rounds, the crew battles thugs during election pandemonium and accomplishes their mission. 
  • The missing bullets are unexplainably discovered next to a railroad track carried by a monkey.


  • Angels Nair, general secretary of Animal Legal Force Integration, Ernakulam, filed a suit against the film crew, alleging that they damaged the environment during filming in the Mulleria reserve forest. 
  • The petitioner claims that when they dumped gravel into the marshy area during the film’s production, they harmed the microflora and microfauna of the forest.
Crew DetailsName
Lead ActorsMammootty, Shine Tom Chacko, Jacob Gregory and Arjun Ashokan
CinematographySajith Purushan
MusicPrashant Pillai
ProducerKrishnan Sethukumar

3. Ee. Ma. Yau. (2018)

Ee. Ma. Yau Best malayalam movie on amazon prime

Directed by Lijo Jose Pellissery, it is one of the famous Malayalam movies. It took home two honours from the International Picture Festival of Kerala: the Golden Crow Pheasant Award for Best Director and the NETPAC Award for Best Asian Picture in competition.

Plot Summary:

  • The satirical film takes place in Kochi’s coastal village of Chellanam, and its central plot focuses on Vavachan Mesthiri’s passing.
  • Following a fruitless endeavour to obtain medical confirmation, the vicar, Fr. Zacharia Parapurath, informs the police, resulting in a confrontation between Vavachan’s two wives. Fr. Zacharia prevents burial in the church cemetery. 
  • Rain, family strife, and social condemnation all come to a head in the end when Eeshi, pleading for pardon, buries Vavachan in a grave that he dug himself. Angelic entities are shown transporting souls to their final resting places as the movie comes to a close.


  • Although the film was supposed to be shot over 35 days, it was finished in just 18 days. Aside from the main cast, newbies from the Chellanam area portrayed the majority of the supporting roles.
Crew DetailsName
Lead ActorsKainakary Thankaraj, Chemban Vinod Jose, Vinayakan
CinematographyShyju Khalid
MusicPrasanth Pillai
ProducerRajesh George Kulangara

4. Pachuvum Athbutha Vilakkum (2023)

Pachuvum Athbutha Vilakkum best comedy movie in malayalam

Directed by Akhil Sathyan, it is one of the best comedy movies in Malayalam, which made about ₹43 lakh (US$54,000) on the very first day of release in Kerala. It also amassed ₹4.45 crore (US$560,000) from other countries.

Plot Summary:

  • The owner of an ayurvedic pharmacy, Prasanth, aka Pachu, travels by train to Mumbai with his mother, Ummachi, and his child, Ashwin. The plot focuses on Ummachi’s quest to save their former maid’s daughter, Nidhi. 
  • The narrative progresses as Pachu resolves to bring Nidhi back, overcomes obstacles, and develops a relationship with Hamsadhwani. 
  • In the wake of these momentous occurrences, how will their relationships change, and will Pachu’s acts offer resolution?


  • Viji, who plays the character of Ummachi, is a bilingual, intelligent, and kind Muslim woman who has performed the part convincingly and with grace throughout her transformations. Anjana Jayaprakash gives a powerful performance in the role of Goa-based designer Hamsadhwani. 
Crew DetailsName
Lead ActorsFahadh Faasil& Viji Venkatesh& Anjana Jayaprakash
CinematographySharan Velayudhan
MusicJustin Prabhakaran
ProducerSethu Mannarkkadu

5. Gold (2022)

Gold (2022) one o the top malayalam movie

Directed by Alphonse Puthren, Gold is amazon prime one of the top malayalam movie whose satellite rights were sold to Sun TV Network. At the same time, Amazon Prime Video acquired its digital rights.

Plot Summary:

  • A mobile business owner, “Danger” Joshi, unintentionally finds himself involved in a convoluted scenario involving a truck containing gold bars passed off as a portable speaker. Will generosity or greed consume Joshy?


  • The film has numerous in-film commercials for various products, including Joshi’s brand-new automobile and the mobile phones he sells. 
  • Characters in ‘Gold’ are more flamboyant and quirky, such as Alex’s character, who plays a corrupt man with a similar money-minded son. 
  • Prithviraj Sukumaran’s acting keeps you enthralled for the entire duration. A supporting ensemble that includes Lalu Alex and Chemban Vinod enhances the movie’s enjoyable aspects.
Crew DetailsName
Lead ActorsPrithviraj Sukumaran and Nayanthara
CinematographyAnand C Chandran and Viswajith Odukkathil
MusicRajesh Murugesan
ProducersListin Stephen, and Supriya Menon 

6. Kumbalangi Nights (2019)

.Kumbalangi Nights (2019) best malayalam movie

Directed by Madhu C. Narayanan, it is one of the best Malayalam movies on Amazon Prime. Produced on a budget of Rs 6.5 crore, Kumbalangi Nights made Rs 27.89 crore at the box office nationwide, selling its foreign rights for Rs 1.5 crore. 

Plot Summary

  • Four brothers who live in the village of Kumbalangi—Saji, Bonny, Bobby, and Franky—are the focus of the story. 
  • After their mother abandoned them and their father passed away, Saji raised the brothers in a run-down home while they worked through their difficult personal dynamics. 
  • The film’s serious situations are handled with humorous one-liners that, in retrospect, read like insightful life lessons. 


  • The film holds a lesson that a house that appears to be dilapidated on the exterior may actually be hiding a wealth of love, while a house that appears to be orderly and charming on the outside may be hiding secrets.
  • It received numerous honours, including three Asianet Film Awards, six Vanitha Film Awards, four Kerala State Film Awards, seven CPC Cine Awards, and two SIIMA Awards.
Crew DetailsName
Lead ActorsFahadh Faasil, Soubin Shahir, Shane Nigam, Sreenath Bhasi
CinematographyShyju Khalid
MusicSushin Shyam
ProducerFahadh Faasil and Nazriya Nazim

7. Drishyam 2 (2021)

Drishyam 2 (2021) best malayalam thriller movie

Directed by Jeethu Joseph, malayalam thriller movies in amazon prime, which has been remade in Hindi and three other regional languages, namely Tamil, Telugu and Kannada.

Plot Summary:

  • In 2013, Jose George was on the run from authorities after murdering his brother-in-law, Varun. 
  • The Kerala Police struggle to decipher the truth behind Varun’s case, and Georgekutty has an encounter with Varun’s father, Prabhakar, who cries out in vain for Georgekutty to reveal where his son’s remains are.
  • Jose is released from prison and seeks employment. He recollects Georgekutty’s presence at the police station. With no physical evidence to prove his culpability, Georgekutty is released on personal bail. 
  • The High Court of Kerala orders Thomas to end all investigations of Varun’s case and to let go of Geetha’s enmity with Georgekutty.


  • The creators had originally intended for the film to be released in theatres, but they decided to distribute it on Amazon Prime Video. On February 19, 2021, the movie was released globally, and it received great acclaim from critics who praised Mohanlal’s performances.
Crew DetailsName
Lead ActorsMohanlal, Meena, Ansiba Hassan
CinematographySatheesh Kurup
MusicAnil Johnson
ProducerAntony Perumbavoor

8. Helen (2019)

Helen (2019) Amazon Prime Best Malayalam Movie

Directed by Mathukutty Xavier, Helen is one of the famous Malayalam movies. The movie took home two National Film Awards: Best Debut Film of a Director and Best Make-up Artist (Ranjith Ambady). It was recreated by the same filmmaker in Hindi as Mili (2022) and Tamil as Anbirkiniyal (2021).

Plot Summary:

  • Helen’s relationship with her father is the crux of the plot. Helen Paul, a B.Sc Nursing graduate, works part-time at The Chicken Hub, a restaurant in a plush mall. 
  • Her father, Paul, is a conservative Christian who dislikes her going abroad. Helen’s Muslim boyfriend, Azhar, is in search of a job.
  •  Helen’s manager unknowingly locks her in a freezer room at -18°C, causing her to survive in the freezing cold. After five hours, they find Helen in the freezer and take her to the hospital. Helen is reunited with her father and boyfriend, and the doctor tells her she is out of danger.


  • The movie moves faster because of Anend C Chandran’s vibrant cinematography and abundance of close-up views. Anna Ben’s riveting portrayal of Helen Paul was one of the year’s best performances that received a lot of praise from critics and audiences. 
Crew DetailsName
Lead ActorsAnna Ben, Lal, Noble Babu Thomas,
CinematographyAnend C Chandran
MusicShaan Rahman
ProducerVineeth Sreenivasan

9. C U Soon (2020)

C U Soon (2020) Best Malayalam Thriller Movie

Directed by Mahesh Narayanan, this iPhone-shot film is malayalam thriller movie on amazon prime. This thriller movie was shot solely on an iPhone over eighteen days while under lockdown, and it gradually builds suspense over the course of its 98 minutes.

Plot Summary

  • Using a dating app, Immy, a client executive in the United Arab Emirates, falls in love with Anu. Immy comes to Anu’s aid after she is abused, but things get complicated. 
  • Anu vanishes and leaves behind a suicide note. Immy is found out, and cybersecurity expert Kevin assists in revealing Anu’s terrible truth. 
  • C U Soon makes a social commentary on human trafficking, exposing the misery and suffering that many young girls endure in this day and age.


  • The film’s deft editing not only produces a picture with the perfect running length but also keeps fresh plot developments intriguing. The performers and the manner in which the scenes are filmed contribute to the tense atmosphere that keeps the viewer’s attention throughout this screen-based, indoor film.
Crew DetailsName
Lead ActorsFahadh Faasil, Roshan Mathew, Darshana Rajendran,
CinematographySabin Uralikandy
MusicGopi Sundar
ProducerFahadh Faasil and Nazriya Nazim,

10. Virus (2019)

Virus (2019) Best Malayalam Thriller Movie

Directed by Aashiq Abu, Virus is regarded as one of the best Malayalam movies on Amazon Prime. The Hindu listed it among the 25 Malayalam movies of the decade.

Plot Summary:

  • The film centres on an outbreak of the Nipah virus in Kozhikode, Kerala, beginning with Zakariya Mohammed’s case. While attending to Zakariya, Geetha, a medical practitioner, contracts an infection. 
  • A crisis team is assembled and led by District Collector Paul V. Abraham IAS and Health Minister C. K. Prameela to stop the epidemic.
  • The film honours the work of scientists, medical experts, and volunteers, dispelling the myth of a bioweapon.


  • The film’s editing done by Saiju Sreedharan is perfect in the segue and transition between scenes. It showcases some beautiful empty aerial views of the outside world and brightly illuminated, packed interiors that exude a persistent sense of unease. 
  • Not only do the striking red and green hues serve as eye-catching accents, but they also effectively capture the layout of an infected ward.
Crew Details:Name
Lead ActorsKunchacko Boban and Indrajith Sukumaran and Asif Ali.
CinematographyRajeev Ravi and Shyju Khalid
MusicSushin Shyam
ProducerAashiq Abu


From heart-touching narratives to edge-of-the-seat thrillers, these Amazon Prime’s best Malayalam movies showcase the essence of Malayalam cinema. These 10 Malayalam movies not only showcase their superiority with masterfully written narratives but are also praised for their outstanding acting. Do allow these carefully chosen movies to serve as your entry into extraordinary storytelling. Amazon Prime has become a veritable gold mine of amazing Malayalam film experiences, so gather your popcorn and enjoy the charm of these gripping stories.


Which is the best Malayalam movie?

The “best” Malayalam movie can vary depending on personal preferences, making it a subjective decision. Gold, Drishyam 2 and Kumbalangi Nights are among the many well-regarded Malayalam movies.

Which Malayalam movie got the highest collection?

The first Malayalam movie to gross over ₹50 crore and ₹75 crore was Drishyam (2013). The first Malayalam movie to gross over ₹100 and ₹150 crore was Pulimurugan (2016). Beyond Pulimurugan, the 2023 film “2018” became the biggest-grossing film in the history of Malayalam cinema.

What are the top 3 highest-grossing Malayalam films of 2023?

2018, RDX: Robert Dony Xavier and Kannur Squad are the top 3 highest-grossing Malayalam films of 2023. The movie’s 2018 worldwide gross is ₹177 crore (US$22 million). RDX’s worldwide gross is ₹84 crore (US$11 million). Kannur Squad’s worldwide gross is ₹82 crore (US$10 million).

Who is the No. 1 actor in Kerala?

The highest-paid actor in the business is none other than Mohanlal, the superstar of Malayalam cinema who is considered a brand in himself.

Which is the longest Malayalam movie?

Godfather, released on November 15, 1991, is the longest-running Malayalam film. The movie was shown in theatres for more than 400 days.

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