10 Best Coke Studio Songs That Will Touch Your Soul

best coke studio songs

Music is the gateway to mind and soul, and it touches you in a way as nothing else can. It’s been over 14 years since the inception of this epic show, and to date, it never fails to mesmerize music lovers, not just in India and Pakistan but around the whole. 

Coke Studio, over the years, has brought together artists from both India and Pakistan and has provided a platform for some timeless collaborations and musical creations. If you are looking to indulge in the utopia of evergreen music, then Coke Studio can be your safe haven. This show is a testament that music can travel through all boundaries and reach straight to your soul. For that, we have curated a list of the top 10 best Coke Studio songs that will be a phenomenal addition to your playlist.

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Top 10 Best Of Coke Studio Songs All Time

If you are inclined to experimental music that combines the influences from rock, jazz, and reggae, this playlist will surely impress you. These coke studio songs seamlessly blend Hindustani classical, qawwali, ghazal, and tribal folk. This list brings you the 10 greatest songs from the total 16 seasons of the show so far.

10. Sayyonee – Rahat Fateh Ali Khan

This mashup of Sayyonee and Saaeen is a beautiful masterpiece that is sure to transport you to a different world. As part of Coke Studio, a renowned platform for South Asian music, this song showcases the very best of Sufi rock sound that has shaken the music scene in the region. With the legendary Salman Ahmad as the music director and featured artist, this song is a true testament to his talent and vision. The rich depth of Ali Noor’s voice perfectly complements the classically-nurtured range of Rahat Fateh Ali Khan, creating a behemoth line-up that will leave you in awe. As you listen to Rahat Fateh Ali Khan’s authentic and emotive vocals, the jugalbandi of violin and guitar will take you on a journey through the very soul of South Asian music. This mashup of Sayyonee and Saaeen is an absolute must-listen, and Coke Studio continues to showcase the very best of music from the region.

9. Tajdar-e-Haram – Atif Aslam

Released in the 8th season of Coke Studio, Atif Aslam paid tribute to the famous Qawwals, Sabri Brothers, with this song in the 1st episode of the season. Atif Aslam’s version was one of the best Coke Studio songs, which is backed by the response it received. Up until Afreen Afreen, it held the title of being the most viewed song of Coke Studio. This song was watched in over 180 countries and received love from all of them. Watch the song one more time and just lose yourself in the music, only to find yourself once again.

8. Bewajah – Nabeel Shaukat Ali

Sung by Nabeel Shaukat, ‘Bewajah’ is a poignant masterpiece that captures the essence of heartbreak with profound beauty. As a Coke Studio creation, the song is a perfect amalgamation of traditional eastern melodies and modern pop-rock sounds, creating an ethereal soundscape that transports you to a different realm. Babar Hashmi’s lyrics are a heartfelt portrayal of the pain that comes with lost love, and Nabeel’s soulful voice delivers them with utmost emotion. The way his voice glides over the lyrics is like a soothing balm to the wounds of heartbreak, making the listener feel the pain and sorrow that comes with it.

7. Latthay Di Chaadar – Farhan

One of the most memorable songs to emerge from the Coke Studio series is Latthay Di Chaadar. It carries the listener away to a world of hues, laughing, and joyful festivities from the very first note. The dandiyaan beat, which is the song’s trademark, creates a lively and energetic atmosphere that will compel anyone to dance. Smooth and melodic, Farhan Saeed’s vocals wonderfully match Qurat-ul-Ain Balouch’s deep voice. Their harmonies mesh perfectly, producing an unstoppable musical synergy. The flowing flute and conventional wedding instruments add depth and complexity to the already rich sound of the song in a brilliant arrangement.

6. Bibi Sanam – Zeb Bangash and Haniya Aslam

Zeb Bangash and Haniya Aslam’s rendition of Bibi Sanam is a perfect illustration of the magic that can be worked on at Coke Studio. The song was meticulously crafted by the show’s producers, under the direction of the great Rohail Hyatt, to bring out the best in each musician and generate a work of art that is universally appealing. Bibi Sanam quickly gained popularity and won the hearts of music fans all over the world thanks to its memorable tune, captivating vocals, and creative fusion of the Pashto and Dari musical genres. The song is a timeless classic that will captivate listeners for many decades to come because of its depth and simplicity.

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5. Tera Woh Pyar – Momina Mustehsan and Asim Azhar

Another song from the 9th season of Coke Studio and the famous Momina Mustehsan is soothing to both your ears and your heart. The song is a mashup of “Tera Who Pyaar” and “Nawazishein”, which were originally sung by Shuja Haider. Sublime, beautiful and soul-stirring are some of the words which can best describe this song.

And did you know? This Coke Studio song’s music is both directed and composed by Shuja Haider, yes, the original singer of these songs. The soft piano and the subtle sound of the sitar create a fitting atmosphere for Momina’s soft vocals, sung with utmost grace, as Asim croons over cinematic violins about the love story, packed full of emotions.

What makes this song one of the best songs of Coke Studio is that midway through the duration, as the track gathers momentum, it brings together elements of the Pakistani pop scene of the olden era and takes you to a dreamy place whilst you celebrate romance and leave one hooked.

4. Aaj Jane Ki Zid Na Karo – Farida Khanum

Farida Khanum’s ageless song, “Aaj Jane Ki Zid Na Karo,” was exposed to a new generation of music lovers through the legendary Coke Studio Pakistan. Millions of listeners were spellbound by the wonderful combination of the studio’s explosive energy and the soulful voice of Farida Khanum, the Ghazal Queen. Farida Khanum’s voice glided into the air as the music started playing, carrying the feelings of the song. The continuous pulse of the percussion instruments and the guitar’s calming rhythm generated a meditative and energising mood.

3. Chaap Tilak – Rahat Fateh Ali Khan and Abida Parveen

The most outstanding musicians in Pakistan’s music industry have once again come together at Coke Studio to perform “Chaap Tilak” in a stunning performance. The best representations of our diverse cultural history have always been featured on Coke Studio, the foremost platform for music aficionados, and this year’s performance of “Chaap Tilak” is no exception. Listeners are given a transcendent experience by the combination of Rahat Fateh Ali Khan and Abida Parveen’s voices, complemented with traditional regional instruments. 

This time-tested classic has received a new perspective from Coke Studio, who presented it in a modern setting without losing its original meaning. As the music deftly switches between several styles and tempos, the song’s subtle details are given the attention they deserve.

2. Afreen Afreen – Rahat Fateh Ali Khan and Momina Mustehsan

From Coke Studio season 9 comes a song which has received over 300 million views and is sung by the nephew of the original singer and the legend Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan, Rahat Fateh Ali Khan, who is also a household name. With this song, Momina Mustehsan made her debut on Coke Studio, and the rest became history.

What makes this song one of the best of Coke Studio is that the song resonates with the devotion put in by Rahat Fateh Ali Khan to recreate the legend to the best of his potential with the help of Momina and music director Faakhir Mehmood. This song truly transformed the qawwali into an unplugged track.

1. Pasoori – Ali Sethi and Shae Gill

Coke Studio Pakistan, now in its 14th season, captivated the world with its beautiful lyrics and exciting beats. And among all of this musical variety, the track “Pasoori,” with reggaeton influences, stood out. From the minute the first note was played, Pasoori swept the listeners away to a realm of ecstasy and bohemia. Ali Sethi and debutante Shae Gill’s melodic voice and the song’s blend of Punjabi and Urdu lyrics created an ethereal experience that captivated the audience. The song’s free-spirited mood was wonderfully complemented by the track’s cheerful melody and bohemian appearance, and the audience was dancing and swaying to the song’s addictive rhythm.

Summing Up

With this, we conclude our list of the top 10 Coke Studio songs of all times, and we highly recommend you to listen to them at least once. We know there are just so many more Coke Studio songs which deserve a place of their own, but, in all honesty, then the list would not have ended. Each of the songs in this list is unique in its own way, even though they may be sharing the genre. Even though many of these songs are 7 years old, they are still carrying that freshness to them.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Question 1: Which is the best Coke Studio Season?
Answer 1: There is no 1 season of Coke Studio which could be picked out of all, each and every season of Coke Studio has been great in a way or another but if we had to pick one, it would be Coke Studio Season 9 as it gave it the song with most views on YouTube and the song is on our list, do check it.

Question 2: How do I download music from Coke Studio?
Answer 2: Downloading music from Coke Studio is fairly easy, all you need to do it go to their website click on Episodes and find the episode that song was in and simply click on download options to download.

Question 3: Are Coke Studio songs recorded live?
Answer 3: Yes, not many people know it, but the song that you see on YouTube and other platforms of Coke Studio are actually recorded live, there are no enactments, everything happens live in the studio.

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