Top Things To Do During A Lockdown Imposed Because Of Coronavirus In India

Top 8 Things To Do During A Lockdown

Well, the lockdown/ curfew has barely begun, like, it began yesterday, and people are already bored. As restaurants, bars, beaches, parks, and pretty much everything else has been closed, all you can do it get out and got to a general store to buy necessary items.

As the total number of cases around the globe crosses the mark of 3.80 lakh and COVID-19 having already claimed over 16.5 thousand lives globally, we think it was a necessary step that was required to contain the spread of the pandemic Coronavirus.

However, thinking out of the box, the one week (until 31st March) isolation may very well present us with the opportunities to try our hands at something new or even get things done around the house which we have been putting off.

Without further ado, let us now take a look at the top 8 things to do during a lockdown:

What To Do During A Lockdown Due To Coronavirus?


Do Exercise During a Lockdown

A complete week locked behind the doors can take a took on the mental health as well as the physical health, and lockdown can easily translate to a week of slouching on the couch. At a time like this, it becomes very important to get the blood circulation and retain health.

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This can be done with some exercises which can be done at the comfort of your home itself. Go online, watch a video on YouTube or any other platform you would like, there are many. You can also do some Yoga, Stretching, or even some low, medium and high intensity workout depending totally on your needs and ability.

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Do Binge Watch During a Lockdown

Well, no matter how much you would hate getting locked down, but it does come with a silver lining, which is, you will not find a better time to binge-watch the series you always wanted to watch for so long.

There are too many shows you can binge watch on so many platforms, such as Amazon Prime Video, Netflix, Hotstar and many more. If there are some movies you were after, this is the best time for you to watch it.

You always have the options to watch a series that’s already ended like Friends, Game of Thrones, Big Bang Theory, How I Met Your Mother, the options are endless


Read a Book During a Lockdown

There was a time, before smartphones and gadgets, people loved to read books, that was how people used to pass time. A good book will keep you entertained for hours, and if you fancy a non-fiction genre, it will teach you many things.

The best thing about the technology? If you do not have a book on the shelves, you can download them on your device from various platforms like Amazon, Play store.

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Cooking at your home during a Lockdown

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In the next week, even the best home cooks will go through a series of tests, with all the meals they will have to prepare at home. But, with the markets remaining open and hopefully stocked up, the home cooks will have all the necessary tools to keep the health up to mark.

This time will not only help the home cooks put their creativity to good use, but also the other people who always wanted to try their hands at it but could never do it.

Cooking is a really good pass time, and trust us, it’ll put a hold on the anxiety caused by the COVID-19 pandemic.


Bake Cake During a Lockdown

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If you have kids with you, or you have a sweet tooth yourself, baking could be one of the best things you could do during your lockdown period. Bake some cookies, or a cake, or a cheesecake, as who does not like cheesecake, right?

Baking will keep you distracted for hours, especially from the chaos that’s being made due to the Coronavirus.

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At a time when the deadly virus is trying to enter your house and your body, cleaning could not only help reduce the risk of you catching the virus but also refresh your mind.

With all sports banned and gyms closed, this will get your body moving and also break down the monotony. Additionally, you should always clean the high-touch surfaces such as removes of the TV and other appliances, switches, door of the refrigerator and the know of the faucets.

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Board Games

Well, many people would say that playing board games would be counterproductive and defy the purpose of self-quarantine. However, there are ways you can enjoy some family time and still remain safe while playing the games.

If you have a game like Ludo, Monopoly, or a poker set, all you need is some family member sand protective gear like gloves. Wear the gloves and play the games, just make sure you do not touch your face or the food while you are wearing those gloves.

If you have a gaming console such as Play Station or an Xbox, you can spend days and won’t know where the lockdown days went by.

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Staying indoors for 7 days straight could cause a drop in the levels of Vitamin D apart from affecting your mental health. If you live on private property like a bungalow or have an apartment with balcony or a terrace that gets some sunshine, make sure you go there and get some light.

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You can otherwise stock up Vitamin D supplements as long as you can do that.

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