People From Every Age Group Are Stressed, Check The 20 Stress Relief Activities

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Kumkum Pattnaik
Kumkum Pattnaik
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Irrespective of the age or profession, people are stressed, the reasons are many like moving to a new house, deadline for a presentation, exams date coming close, or stuck in traffic… all these cause stress. Though, stress in low quantity can be beneficial for one as it motivate us in improving our actions and performance, but when the stress levels increases, your health (both mental and physical) deteriorates.

According to a report, 75% of Indians who suffer from stress are not comfortable talking about it, even with a medical professional.

To help you help yourself in controlling the stress levels, we have a list of 20 fun stress relief activities that is not only good for students, and kids, but adults as well. There are more stress relief techniques than what meets the eyes, like meditations, and breathing techniques… other ones are outdoor activities, eating, and much, much more.

Along with the above mentioned activities, we have curated a list of stress relief activities that can be taken up by students, kids, and employees, both at office and home. So without further ado let us take a look at the activities.

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20 Fun Stress Relieving Activities That One Can Undertake At Office

Those of you who study or are working know exactly how stressful it can get. As a matter of fact, 9 out of 10 people in India are stressed, according to a study.

things to do to relieve stress at office

Additionally, a leading news agency quoted a report saying 95% of Indian between the age of 18 and 34 are stressed, to give it some perspective, global average if 86%. With the majority of day students and employees spending in college/library and officer, respectively, it becomes very important to know how one can bust stress.

Since it is not viable to start performing exercises in the hall or aisle because it may cause discomfort to others around you, we have some other activities that will reduce your stress without troubling others.

1. Laugh a Little

Look at a funny photo, or video. Or even look at a thing that you find funny. Laughter helps in reducing stress, and we are not kidding! And remember, laughing at yourself takes great courage, and even keeps your humble.

2. Navigate To Your Happy Place

We are not talking about leaving the premise and physically be somewhere, instead use the power of your imagination. Close your eyes and think about a happy moment from your life, or a place which calms you down, where you feel at ease. Tap into all your senses, feel the ambiance, See the place, go through every detail of the place/memory. This will help you release some stress and refocus on your work.

3. Listen To Music

When you are overwhelmed, find your peace in music. Music and our emotions are linked, think about a time when you listen to an old song that you used to hear, how all the memories associated with it comes back. Music has the ability to relax one’s mind.

4. Gaze Out

If you cannot find your happy place, or you don’t have accessibility to music, don’t work, just take a moment’s time, look out of the window. Look at the open roads, the trees, people walking or standing, the change of scenery can actually help take your mind off of the thing causing your stress, and thus making you more productive.

5. Deep Breathing

Breathing is the key to calmness, if you control your breathing, you can control the situation. No wonder people ask you to breathe when you are angry. Additionally, when you breathe, you supply more oxygen to your brain which helps your brain release endorphins. Endorphins are chemicals that help you release pain and stress.

6. Read Positive Messages

A pen and a paper, that is all you will need. At any given point, there are many negative thoughts going in our minds and it is very important to counter them with some positive thoughts. Try writing positive thoughts like “I can do it”, “I will make it through”, “I am the best at (anything you are working on)”.

7. Do Not Overload

No good will come out if you bite more than you can chew! However, we understand that this is easier said than done as sometimes things pile up or come up unannounced, however, with efforts you can do it.

Instead of cribbing about what all you have to do (because you will have to do them, irrespective or you cribbing or not), make a time-table and stick to it to complete them. After sometime you will make it a habit and you will have one less thing giving you stress.

Stress Relief Activities That One Can Undertake At Home

Performing Yoga, or other exercises at your officer or college may not be feasible, but at your home, you do not have to worry about making others uncomfortable. Below you will find certain stress relief activities that you can undertake in solace.

Stress Relief ideas That One Can Undertake At Home

8. Meditation

Don’t fret, we are not asking you to meditate for hours or even an hour, just meditate for 10-15 minutes. If you have never meditated, you will know how difficult it is to stay still and empty your mind. Simple trick is, concentrate on your breathing, and nothing else. And you do not have to sit to meditate, you can meditate while standing as well. After a good 10-15 minutes of meditation, you will see what a good stress relief exercise this is.

9. Dance

Ever heard of dance like you are all alone? That is what you need to do… put on your favourite track on, and dance like you have no energy left, this will release endorphins which will help you control your stress levels. If you have kids, spouse, or siblings, you can create your own dance faceoff and let the mind do its work.

10. Laugh

Laughter is the best medicine, this saying has been since we were small children. A good laugh helps oxygen and blood circulation, and with extra oxygen going to your brain, it will release endorphins which helps reduce stress and pain. Additionally, laughing reduces levels of cortisol, dopamine, and epinephrine, which are all hormones that causes stress. It is like filling two needs with one deed.

If you don’t find something funny, then force a laughter, you remember Munna Bhai MMBS? Dr. Asthana every morning practices force laughter so much so that at the time of stress conditions he laughs automatically. Don’t worry you will not get to that extent, but just get the gist.

11. Look Through Memories

You do not have to use your imagination for your happy place when you are at home. Pick up a photo, or a video that bring back happy memories. Look at the photo of the person you love, it is proven that they help in controlling anxiety and stress levels. So if you are feeling stressed, just bring out your photo album, or put on the video or your happy memories. Also, never forget to take pictures with your family and friends. Capturing your happy moments is one of the best things you can do.

12. Have Some Dark Chocolates

Dark chocolates, and products made of using dark chocolates helps in reducing stress, as it controls the amount of glucocorticoid – stress related hormone – in your body. So if you find yourself being stressed all the time, but do not like dark chocolates, probably you have a reason now to develop a taste now.

13. Have A Gratitude Sandwich

A gratitude sandwich is not a typical sandwich per se, but in theory it is, and you will know why. A gratitude sandwich can be made by anyone, all you need to do is take the one things that is giving you stress and put it between two things that makes you happy and just write it down or tell it to yourself. Trust us, we have tried this, and it definitely helps. There is no point is fixating on the thing that is giving you stress anyway, rather remain positive with things that makes you happy.

14. Sleep

We cannot say it enough, Sleep!! Less than 50% of adults say their quality of sleep was good, and being stressed and sleep deprived will make things worse. Being properly rested helps control stress and helps contribute towards both mental and physical health. Additionally, trust us, the famous saying of 6 hours minimum sleep is not universally applicable. Sleep until you feel it is required, there are some people who find 4 hour sleep sufficient, but for some 10 hours of sleep is necessary for them to function at their peak.

15. Get Cosy

As hysterical as it may sound, human contact is one of the best stress buster there is. Receiving a hug at the times when you are low can do wonders, and same goes with when you are stressful or angry. A hug releases oxytocin which plays a vital role in social bonding.

Additionally, there is another thing that can help in releasing stress, that is, Smelling Your Partner’s Shirt…. Hear us out, this is even backed by the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology.

According to the study, the scent of your partner helps in decreasing the stress levels. You do not have to smell it per se, you can wear their shirt to bed or just take it with you to bed. Another activity is kissing, this too releases endorphins in your body, which help decrease stress.

Stress Relief Activities That One Can Undertake Outdoors

Stress Relief Activities That One Can Undertake Outdoors

At times the level of stress is such that when you are indoors, you feel anxious, like something is coming to get you. In times like this it is better to get out there, get closer to the Mother Nature. Do you know that it is scientifically proven that being closer to the nature helps reduce stress? There are a lot of fun stress relieving activities for kids and students as well, apart from adults.

16. Gardening

Many will say that gardening is stressful in itself, and we agree on some level. If you take up more tasks than you can handle, and this is true for anything, if you walk for 1 hour a day it will become more stressful, probably even more than the thing which was initially the cause of your stress… So take up little gardening at a time, a few plants or flowers at a time.

17. Walk In Park

15 minutes, Yes! just 15 minutes that is all you have to do, a 15 minute walk outdoors, near greenery can not only break the monotony but also rejuvenate you. The morning sunshine gives you Vitamin D and also boosts serotonin in your body.

18. Petting Animals

It is a proven fact that petting animals helps calm a person down, it not only controls the heartbeat rate but also releases endorphins. According to a study, if you have a domesticated animal around you, your tasks gets all the less stressful.

19. Picnic

When was the last time you went out with your friends and/or family on a picnic? When you were a kid, right? Why? Because picnic is for kids… WRONG!! Being with your friends/ family and taking part in some less demanding activities goes a long way when it comes to stress relief.

20. Attend Events

If you think that walking or picnic is not your cup of tea, then probably you can attend a concert or a festival with your friends to get that blood flowing. Remember, let loose, and dance to make yourself a little happier.

Attend an outdoor concert. So maybe a hike or walk just isn’t in the cards for you this week; that’s okay. Get your girlfriends together and head to an outdoor concert. Don’t forget to dance a little bit too! The combination of being outdoors and getting your blood flowing all help to make you a happier you!

Now that you know of the stress relieving activities which you can undertake anywhere, be it at your home, office, or even outdoors. Remember, some activities may work for you better than others and vice-versa. However, make sure whatever you do, it should be fun for you, or there will no point.

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