Top 11 Motivational Speakers In India: How To See Their Videos

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We all have had or are going through a time in our lives where we feel stuck, there are times when we do not know if what we are doing is correct or not, and what should we be doing. Not everything in life is happiness and optimism. Sometimes, luck and fate are not on our side. At times, all of us need some sort of an emotional push, and we are too afraid to talk to our family or friends. However, with this digital age, you do not always have to confront anybody and tell someone how you are actually feeling. Here is where the motivational speakers in India comes to the rescue. Why the Indian motivational speakers you ask? Because they know better the problems faced by Indian, and for obvious reasons.

If we talk about social media, you will find so many top motivational speakers that the list will never end, however we bring you a list of top 11 Motivational speakers in India in 2023. They all are highly regarded, and some of them even have millions of subscribers on their respective YouTube channels. Without further ado let us take a look at the list.

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India’s Top 11 Motivational Speakers Of 2023

We have compiled a list of some of the top motivational speakers who can help you face tough times and feel more confident. Listening to these folks will help you face the obstacles in life and keep going.

1. Dr. Deepak Chopra

Dr. Deepak Chopra is an author and alternative-medicine advocate. Chopra born into a middle-class family in Delhi, India. He came to the United States to study medicine and became a board-certified endocrinologist. However, he became disillusioned with traditional medicine and explored alternative healing methods.

Dr. Deepak Chopra Motivation Speaker In India

Chopra’s contributions have profoundly influenced millions of individuals worldwide. His teachings inspire and enable people to live their best lives. He is a true pioneer in the field of mind-body healing.

Notable Achievements:

  • Chopra is well-known for his writings and lectures on spirituality, mind-body healing, and personal growth.
  •  He founded the holistic health institution in California known as the Chopra Institution for Wellbeing.
  • He has written over 90 books, several of which have gone on to become best-sellers. Among his best-selling novels are Ageless Body, Timeless Mind, The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success, Create Your Own Destiny, Quantum Healing and The Book of Secrets.

Awards and Recognization:

Chopra has received other honours for his contributions, such as:

  • The Padma Vibhushan.
  • India’s second-highest civilian honour.
  • Time 100 Award from Time magazine.
Social Media Platforms Account ID Number of Followers/Subscribers
Instagramdeepakchopra2.9M Followers
YouTube@TheChopraWell621K Subscribers
FacebookDeepak Chopra3.7M Followers

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2. Akash Gautam

Akash Gautam is a very popular Motivational Speaker in India for Corporate Events & Youth. He is Born and brought up in Dharamshala, Himachal Pradesh. He completed his Post Graduation in Fashion from NIFT, New Delhi. He is a storyteller and his genre is humour. His Events are electric in energy & are immensely popular because of his amazing connect with the attendees. He is a Blogger too & his social media has 300,000+ fans.

Akash Gautam- Motivational speaker in India

Many individuals throughout the world find inspiration in Gautam. Regardless of any background, he constantly proves that it is possible to overcome obstacles and realize your dreams.

Notable Achievements:

  • Gautam is an inspirational speaker and self-made businessman.
  • He is the creator of the training and development firm Akash Gautam & Associates.
  • More than a million people have received training from Gautam on subjects like sales, leadership, and personal growth.

Awards and Recognization:

Gautam has received accolades for his efforts as an entrepreneur and inspirational speaker.

  • The Global CEO Excellence Awards’ Young Entrepreneur of the Year Award (2017)
  • Global HR Excellence Awards’ Best Motivational Speaker of the Year Award (2018)
  • 2019’s 40 Under 40 Award from The Economic Times
Social Media Platform Account ID Number of Followers/Subscribers
Instagramakashgautamspeak4.6K Followers
YouTube@AkashGautamMotivates9.01K Subscribers
Facebook Akash Gautam 215K Followers

3. Yogesh Chabria

Yogesh Chabria is one of the best Motivational speakers in India. He Born in Mumbai, he received his degree from Mumbai University. His childhood was hard on him, and started selling toys when he was just 5 years old. He delivered his first motivational speech to a group of five people when he was just 21 years old. Most of his speeches comes from his own experience as an entrepreneur.

Yogesh Chabria Motivation Speaker In India

With his seminars, publications, programs, and tactics, Yogesh Chabria has impacted the lives of over 20 million people in more than 100 countries. His sessions are entertaining, enlightening and engaging which will make everyone at your conference motivated, energized and excited with fresh ideas and perspectives.

Notable Achievements:

  • He is the creator of the Happionaire Way, the most popular success system in the world, which has influenced employees in more than 1,000 businesses worldwide.
  • Yogesh Chabria is also a bestselling author who has won awards all over the world. He is the author of The Happionaire Series, the best-selling success, business, and happiness system in the world, and he has written for Chicken Soup for the Soul.
  • Yogesh Chabria is using digital to influence world leaders. His online programs assist companies in motivation, sales, leadership, the well-being of employees, etc.

Awards and Recognization:

  • Organizations such as LIRT (Life Insurance Round Table), MFRT (Mutual Fund Round Table), Ideas Arabia, NITK (National Institute of Technology), and numerous others have recognized him as one of the most renowned and in-demand speakers globally.         
  • M.K. Surana, MD of HPCL, a company with a yearly global turnover of over $30 billion, has bestowed this accolade onto him.
  • He has spoken before esteemed groups of people, such as the European Parliament and the World Economic Forum (WEF), which is frequented by powerful world leaders and intellectuals.
Social Media PlatformAccount IDNumber of Followers/Subscribers
Instagramhappionaire3.5K Followers
YouTube@happionaire4.99K Subscribers
FacebookYogesh Chabria1.3K Followers

4. Dr. Vivek Bindra

Dr. Vivek Bindra is a motivational speaker, a Leadership consultant and a business coach. He Born in Delhi, Vivek Bindra had a difficult upbringing. Vivek graduated from St. Xavier’s High School in Delhi and Amity University in Noida with a master’s degree in business administration.

Dr. Vivek Bindra Motivation Speaker In India

He is considered one of the World’s Greatest Influencers and is the CEO and founder of Bada Business. Over the world, his dynamic seminars have benefited millions of people as a keynote speaker. He breaks the record as the top leadership and entrepreneurial YouTube channel globally. His videos are immensely popular in over 190 countries.

Notable Achievements:

  • He is the founder and CEO of the Ed-tech startup Bada Startup Pvt. Ltd., which trains people and organizations in leadership and business.
  • He is an esteemed executive coach to more than 100 of India’s top CEOs.
  • More than 500 Corporate Houses Trust his firm as their Advisor.

Awards and Recognization:

  • The OIUM University of Colombo awarded him an honorary doctorate in philosophy, or Ph.D.
  • Bestowed by the World Leadership Federation, Dubai, with the Honorary Title of “Think Tank of Corporate Asia”
  • Given the award of Best Leadership Trainer in Asia at the World HRD Congress by Marshall Goldsmith.
Social Media PlatformAccount IDNumber of Followers/Subscribers
Instagramvivek_bindra3.9M Followers
YouTube@MrVivekBindra21.3M Subscribers
FacebookBada Business Pvt.Ltd.1.6M Followers

5. Sandeep Maheshwari

This well-known motivational speaker has a very inspiring story, born in a middle class family, many of his business turned out to be failures until the age of 26. His life struggles inspired him to help others, and become a motivational speaker. He believes that nothing is difficult, the difficulty, slowly and gradually, goes away as you undertake the task.

Sandeep Maheshwari Motivation Speaker In India

His talks always make sense that people identify with him, and millions of individuals are actively spreading and putting his “Sharing” purpose into practice. What keeps him going is his unwavering focus, his family’s unwavering support, and his team’s faith.

Notable Achievements:

  • Maheshwari is well-known for his inspirational talks and motivating films.
  • He is the creator of one of the biggest stock photo websites in Asia,
  • The British Council, an arm of the British High Commission, presented the Young Creative Entrepreneur Award.

Awards and Recognization:

  • The Government of India also gave him the “Young Achievers Award”.
  • The “ET Now” television station was awarded the Pioneer of Tomorrow Award.
  • He has been highlighted in nearly all top periodicals, newspapers, and television networks, including ET Now, NewsX, CNBC-TV18, India Today, The Economic Times, and more.
Social Media PlatformAccount IDNumber of Followers/Subscribers
Instagramsandeep_maheshwari 5.3M Followers
YouTube@SandeepSeminars 28.1M Subscribers
FacebookSandeep Maheshwari16M Followers

6. T S Madaan

Tarvinder Singh Madaan, born in Punjab, is a well-known life counselor, actor, comedian, and motivational speaker in India. He completed his education at D.AV. College Amritsar. With over forty years of expertise, he possesses a lively personality and exceptional clarity of mind.

T S Madaan Motivational Speaker in India

With over 40 years of experience, Mr. Madaan is a skilled motivational speaker. Positive thinking, controlling one’s temper, leadership, time management, sales, communication, etc., are some of the topics he typically covers. His sessions are educative and are filled with comedy, funny, and informative content and delivers speech in Hinglish.

Notable Achievements:

  • As a business consultant, he began inspiring others about their careers and the steps they needed to take to become business owners.
  • He also obtained the Golden and Silver Buttons via YouTube.
  • TS Madaan has conducted numerous interviews and appeared on NDTV MetroNation TV, Pragya TV, and other networks television and social media.

Awards and Recognization:

  • H. E. Sh. V. V. Giri has bestowed the President of India Medal to TS Madaan.
  • He received an IES prize for Udyog Rattan.
  • Recipient of Certificate of Excellence in Management and Innovation.
Social Media PlatformAccount IDNumber of Followers/Subscribers
Instagramtsmadaan28.5K Followers
YouTube@tsmadaan12M Subscribers
FacebookTsMadaan Life Coach532K Followers

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7. Priya Kumar

On March 4, 1974, Priya Kumar was born in Chandigarh, India. She completed her post-graduation studies at NMIMS University in sales and marketing. At the age of 22, she began her career as a motivational speaker.

Priya Kumar Motivational Speaker In India

Even after her conferences, people remember Priya’s POWER TALKS because of her skillfully placed humour and real-world experiences, which also guarantee BENCHMARK RESULTS!

Notable Achievements:

  • Priya Kumar is the author of multiple books on motivation, leadership, and personal growth.
  • I Am Another You”, The Wise Man Said”, “The Calling – Unleash Your True Self” and “Think Love, Speak Love, Be Love” are a few of her best-selling books.
  • Renowned speaker and corporate trainer who leads seminars and workshops on a range of subjects related to professional and personal development.

Awards and Recognization:

  • Her debut book, License to Live, a self-help book with a spiritual theme, was published in 2010. In 2012, it took home the Eric Hoffer Award.
  •  After becoming a best-seller, I Will Go With You, one of her books was turned into the 2019 web television series The Final Call, which starred Arjun Rampal.
  • Acknowledged for her capacity to motivate and enable people to realize their potential.
Social Media PlatformAccount IDNumber of Followers/Subscribers
Instagrampriyakumar7272435K Followers
YouTube@PriyaKumarMotivationalSpeaker83.3K Subscribers
FacebookPriya Kumar615K Followers

8. Shiv Khera

Shiv Khrea along with being a brilliant motivational speaker in India, is also an activist, author and even an experienced politician. He Born in Jharkhand, Khera was raised in a business-minded family that ran coal. Before becoming a motivational speaker, he held positions as a franchise operator, a life insurance agent, and at a car wash service.

Shiv Khera Motivational Speaker In India

He is offering various programs, from leadership and sales to parenting and inspiring people to achieve their goals.

Notable Achievements:

  • The author of the globally acclaimed book “You Can Win,” which has greatly influenced success and personal growth.
  • He is renowned for his work as an educator, teacher in leadership, and motivational speaker. He has led workshops and seminars on professional and personal growth.
  • He is well-known for his motivational writings and speeches on topics including self-improvement, achievement, and leadership.

Awards and Recognization:

  • He was among the world-renowned speakers to attend the JK Yog Bhagavad Gita Summit.
  • For his contributions to the area of motivation and personal development, Shiv Khera has won numerous honours and recognitions.
  • His contributions as an Indian author, entrepreneur, and motivational speaker to a personal development coach have earned him acclaim.

Social Media PlatformAccount IDNumber of Followers/Subscribers
Instagramshivkhera_fc111K Followers
YouTube@shivkheraofficial78.7K Subscribers
FacebookShiv Khera585K Followers

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9. Simerjeet Singh

Simerjeet Singh was born in the Gurdaspur District of Batala and graduated from The Hotel School, Australia, with a Bachelor of Business in Hotel Management (SCU, NSW). He also holds credentials from the General Management Program and the Emerging Leaders Program from IIM Lucknow and IIM Ahmedabad. He worked in India, Dubai, and even the US. However, he soon changed his path and after travelling to different countries, decided on becoming a motivational speaker.

Simerjeet Singh Motivational Speaker In India

Giving back to society is Simerjeet Singh’s guiding principle. His motivational speeches cover a range of topics, including career advancement, creative thinking, entrepreneurship, unusual job options, and challenges for the nation’s youth.

Notable Achievements:

  • His YouTube videos are claimed to be the most popular about communication skills, with 16 million views and 0.56 million likes.
  • As the host of The Beginner’s Mind Podcast, Simerjeet Singh has conducted incredibly touching interviews and virtual talks with thought leaders and international speakers, including Neale Donald Walsch.
  • With more than 1.8 million listeners overall, listed his program as one of the Top 10 Podcasts of the Year in 2021.

Awards and Recognization:

  • Simerjeet Singh has received recognition for his services in several forums. Singh received the esteemed “Global Excellence Award[26]” (GEA) in Mumbai for motivational speaking in 2019
  • The Indian Speaker Bureau has listed the top 3 motivating speakers for 2021.
  • He was included on The Power List of the Top 200 Thought Leaders for 2021.
Social Media PlatformAccount IDNumber of Followers/Subscribers
Instagramsimerjeetsinghspeaker33K Followers
YouTube@SimerjeetSingh1.62M Subscribers
FacebookSimarjeet Singh79K Followers

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10. Dr. Ujjwal Patni

Dr. Ujjwal Patni is another one of the top motivational speakers in India and has inspires lakhs of people every year through his seminars, and workshops. Patni was the first person in his family to attend an English-medium school, having been born and raised in Bhilai, Chhattisgarh. Patni holds master’s degrees in political science and business administration in addition to his dental degree. He has obtained several qualifications, including those in human rights and consumer protection.

Dr. Ujjwal Patni Motivational Speaker In India.jpg

He is an international trainer, and author apart from being a motivational speaker. He has given keynote addresses at multiple conferences and events around the globe, imparting his wisdom and expertise in the area of personal development to audiences from varied backgrounds.

Notable Achievements:

  • Dr. Ujjwal Patni is a highly sought-after motivational speaker who leads training sessions, seminars, and workshops for professionals, business owners, and students.
  • To assist people on their path to achievement and personal growth, he has written several publications, including self-help and inspirational works. His writings offer doable tips and methods for accomplishing objectives.
  • His Leadership Coaching program provides mentoring services and inspires people.

Awards and Recognization:

  • Indian Institute of Leadership has presented “The Best Leadership Trainer” award.
  • Entrepreneur India has been bestowed the “The Best Education Entrepreneur” award.
  • He is also honoured with Action India’s “The Best Mind Power Trainer” award.

Social Media PlatformAccount IDNumber of Followers/Subscribers
Instagramujjwalpatniofficial399K Followers
YouTube@UjjwalPatni6.59M Subscribers
FacebookUjjwal Patni1M Followers

11. Rahul Kapoor

Rahul Kapoor is one of the best motivational speaker in India, and the articles that he creates with the combination of Spirituality, Psych, and Science is used by over 10,000 companies and organisations, including many of the Fortune 500 companies of the world.

Rahul Kapoor Motivational Speaker In India

In the past 20 years he has inspired millions of people in various countries. As a speaker and presenter, Kapoor has had numerous chances to collaborate with, learn from, and engage with some of the world’s greatest athletes and celebrities including John Abraham, Sonu Nigam, Shaan, M.S. Dhoni, and Chris Gayle

Notable Achievements:

  • To educate and motivate 500,000 young people in India, Kapoor founded the charitable foundation Ignite India Initiative in 2007.
  • He established the Jain Youth Leadership Forum (JYLF) in 2010 to educate young Jains about the value of nonviolence.
  • Kapoor has led workshops on relationships, teamwork, and peak performance since 1998. He gave his “The Level 10 Game” address at several Fortune 500 businesses and TEDx in 2012.

Awards and Recognization:

  • At the Young India Conclave, ROSHNI presented the 2016 Young Achievers Award.
  • Junior Chamber International presented the Outstanding Young People of India Award for 2010 in the area of Personal Improvement and Achievement.
  • Jain International Trade Organization conferred the Award for Excellence 2013.

Social Media PlatformAccount IDNumber of Followers/Subscribers
Instagramrahulkapoorlive169K Followers
YouTube@Rahulkapoorlive11.4K Subscribers
FacebookRahul Kapoor20K Followers

These charismatic speakers have influenced countless lives by inspiring enthusiasm and energizing audiences at anything from corporate conferences to educational institutions.

The importance of inspiration and motivation in a world full of difficulties cannot be overstated. Motivational speakers are essential in boosting confidence, inspiring enthusiasm, and propelling people toward achievement. All these motivational speakers have surfaced in India in a wide and brilliant pool, each with their distinct way of conveying life lessons and inspiring millions to keep going and see what life has in store for them.

These are some of the best motivational speakers in India, and have inspired millions of people. Have you attended any of their seminars or workshops? Or seen them on YouTube? Do tell us about your experience.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q 1. Who are top 11 motivational persons in India I should know about?
Answer: There are many motivational persons in India, however, we have curated a list of top 11. You can check the article above to see the top 11 motivational speakers in India with their official YouTube channels where they post motivational videos from time to time.

Q 2. Can I contact a motivational speaker directly?
Answer: More often than not, the motivational speaker will provide their contact information on their websites and YouTube channels from where you can directly reach them, however, many of them have tie ups with companies whom you can contact, so they can take care of the itineraries, schedule, travel, hospitality, and other necessities of the speaker.

Q 3. When should I book a motivational speaker for an event?
Answer: In general, booking a motivational speaker 4-5 months before your event is advised, however, at times, to book the bigger names you may have to book much earlier, sometimes even a year before.

Q 4. How do I book a keynote or motivational speaker in India?
Answer: As we said earlier, many of the speakers will provide their contact information on their website and/or YouTube channels, however, if you do not want to get caught up with their itineraries, travel arrangements and more, you can always hire an agency. There are many in India.

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