Feng Shui items along with their use, meaning, and suitable place in your home

Starting off with a simple question, have you even been asked to place a laughing Buddha or a three legged toad at your home and you will experience the inflow of money?

In all honestly, if we were not to research about it, we would have thought that it is nothing but magic and superstition. Trust us, it’s not either of them. Plus, if it were to be, don’t you think a hell lot of people have still not become rich?

One must be very wary as the vendors will try to say all sort of thing in order to make a sale. We have heard from people where they were told if you buy ‘this item’ your life will be changed forever, no problems will come your way and you will earn lots and lots of money.

On the flipside, there have been instances where people have seen benefits of placing Feng Shui items in their homes and office spaces. Arguably, it could be nothing but placebo effect.  

We have made a list of items that we thing are truly embody Feng Shui but we still recommend you consulting with an expert to know how and when they should be used. Below are the Feng Shui items that we came across and can use straightaway if you feel connected (with your personality of course) to them.


Feng Shui-Tortoise

Tortoise are considered to be amongst the four Feng Shui celestial animals. They signify the north or the back side of your space (Home/office or anything). Tortoises represents protection, longevity, and support, just like how the actual animal’s life span is long and its shell guards it from threats.

According to some experts of Fenh Shui, a tortoise made out of stone aids in curing negative Feng Shui energies entering your space. It is recommended to be placed on the balcony or nearby your front door wherein its shell faces the incoming negative energy (Xa Qi).

If your home is downward sloping from the rear, then it is also advised to place the tortoise in the backyard or back side of your space to provide the support it has been missing. Particularly in this scenario, the Tortoise can be made from bronze as well.

Chinese Guardian Lions (Fu Dogs)

Feng Shui-Chinese Guardian Lions (Fu Dogs)

Fu Dogs, also called Foo Dogs are the Imperial Guarding Lions or the Chinese Guardian Lions, they often comes in pair. In the primeval era, people with huge wealth and status were capable to keeping Fu Dogs, that’s why in China you will see them in front of government owned building, houses and offices of the riches’, and temples.

If you will ever look closely to the Fu lion pair, you will see that the male lion will have a globe places under its right paw which signifies protection and power, whereas his counterpart, the female lion would have a cub under her left paw representing the protective instincts of a mother.

These Lions are places outside the house, symbolising that they are protecting the entrance, standing outside your space and looking at the front gate, the male Fu Dog should be placed on the right side and the female on the left.

Dragon Turtle

Feng Shui-Dragon Turtle

A mythological animal that has the head of a dragon and the body of a turtle. It is said to be the hybrid of two celestial beings, Turtle and Dragon. It is believed that the Dragon attracts good fortune and the turtle heals and cures the negative energies of Feng Shui.

If you are facing issues in your relationships, or feel that you have hit a deadlock in your career, you will be advised to place a dragon turtle in your space. In particular, it is asked to place the statue on the office desk with its head opposite to you.

At the present time, you will see dragon turtle statues sitting on top of coin(s) which represents its ability to invite wealth. According to Feng Shui experts, the dragon turtle has the ability to defuse the negative energy coming in from the annual flying stars, specifically the 2nd and 5th star. Additionally, it is also believed that it can heal the bad Feng Shui that is triggered when two doors face each other. To negate this energy, one can simply place the statue in between the doors (could be two doors within the house, or between two entrance doors of two houses).


Feng Shui- Dragon


In Chinese culture, Dragon were used as an icon of the emperor as they signify power, copiousness, and wealth.

Dragon is arguably the most important animal in Feng Shui, it symbolises strength and power in man (For the empress, Phoenix were used).  From the inside of the house, the dragon must be placed either in the East or the West according to Feng Shui experts. It is advised to get the dragon statue made out of wood. It is said that one should place the dragon statue on the West side of the space if the West (left) side of your space is lower than the right side as dragon has the power to boost the Qi (Energy of everything) itself. 

The statue of dragon can be placed in the living area, dining area, home office area, but should never be placed in low energy areas like wardrobes, bathrooms, or garage. For even better results, one should find the correct element that the dragon should be carved/built in after going through the ‘Bagua’ of the space.

It is widely believed that the dragon favours the water (clean and running, not still), so if you live close to waterbodies such as river or ocean, then place the dragon facing to the direction of the waterbody through an open space like window.

Do consult the expert to find which dragon will be suitable for you.

Chinese Unicorn (Qilin)

Feng Shui-Chinese Unicorn (Qilin)

Just like Fu Dogs, Qilins come in pairs. Qilins has the head of a dragon and the body of a fish (full of scales), hooves instead of dragon claws and a tail of the lion instead of that of a reptile (dragon). It is believed that Qilin possess the ability to differentiate between the good and the evil.

Qilin are used as a cure for the ‘Three Killings’ during the annual flying stars in Feng Shui. Additionally, Qilin statues with coins between their teeth and treasure beneath its feet have the ability to invite wealth and fortune.

Three Legged Toads

Feng Shui-Three Legged Toads

In Feng Shui, the three legged toad is the bringer of fortune and wealth, ever since the story of Liu Hai, it is believed that three legged toad has the ability to bring in enormous fortune to whoever possess it. 

Recently, people have started placing this toad in the wealth are of their spaces, however, one should remember that this toad should never touch the floor as it is considered bad. Additionally, it is highly suggested to place close to the front door of your space so that it can attract the wealth energy, but again not directly opposite to the door either.

Majorly, the Feng Shui experts say that the toad should be facing the inside of the house, but we will highly recommend you to consult an expert before finalising anything.


Feng Shui- Elephants

In all honesty, in modern China, Elephants are not as popular for Feng Shui implications as Elephants no more exists in China.

Nonetheless, elephants statues can been seen in use in Southeast Asia, people place elephants on the entrance just like Fu dogs. Some experts say by doing this one can invite strength, protection, and good luck to him.


Feng Shui- Horses

In Chinese culture, Horses symbolises strength, wealth, speed, success, and nobility as they believe that horses played a pivotal role in their ancestors’ lives. It is widely believed that the statues or painting if places in the wealth area of your house gives the best results, but do remember that the head of the horse(s) should always face inside of the house which represents horse bringing the good fortune to you.

Another widely believed proposition is that the painting or the statue should have 5 horses in running stance and not standing stagnant, it is seen that painting and statues with 8 horses are also popular.

A very important thing one should always keep in mind is that horses do not suit everyone, so it would be for the best to contact an expert before buying them. After we researched, we found that people born in the year of rat, horses, and dragons should never bring horses’ statues or painting due to conflict with your animal birth sign.


Feng Shui-Roosters

Roosters in Feng Shui are considered to be curers of bad energy than inviters of good energy.

It is said that one should place the rooster statue outside the house or space with its head facing the opposite side of the house.

 It is said that the statue counters the external negative energy ‘Centipede Xa’ which is said to come into your space via pipes and power cables which looks like a centipede. To negate the Xa energy, place the rooster statues facing the cables and pipes that are visible from the kitchen windows of your home and office and your kids’ bedrooms in your house.

It is also believed that placing the statue of the rooster in the living room of in the peach blossom area of your partner will prevent them from having affairs.

Rooster King

Feng Shui-Rooster King

The rooster king and the rooster can be one and the same thing, but the difference we could find between the two is that the rooster king symbolises the bird that possesses the ability to drive away threatening animals and evil spirits.

The rooster king can either be used as a statue of an amulet and should be placed outside your space, facing outside world.

Mandarin Ducks

Just like Fu Dogs and Qilin, Feng Shui’s Mandarin Ducks come in pair. These ducks signifies love and can be used as statues, pictures, paintings or drawings.

They are used to cure the Love energy of Feng Shui, which helps in bringing the lovers together when they are far away from each other or they are facing hurdles in meeting or coming together. It is advised to place these ducks at the marriage and love area of your Bagua, if you do not know where that is you can ask an expert or go with the general public who tend to place them in their bedrooms or Southwest part of their houses.

Pi Yao (Tian Lu)

Feng Shui-Pi Tao (Tian Lu)

Pi Yao, also known as Tian Lu or Pixiu are mystical creatures in Feng Shui that looks like winged lions. According to legends, Pi Yao was a creature residing in the heaven and upon violating a law there it was punished as such that it can only eat gold and silver and will never be able to excrete it from its body and thus, symbolizing wealth build-up.

Generally it is advised to place the statue of this creature in your office and the wealth area according to the Bagua and Kua.

Though Pi Yao is often seen to be used as a cure for the Tai Sui Annual Flying Star as it is also referred as Tai Sui’s pet. In order to use it as a cure, you need to place it in the opposite direction of Tai Sui.

In 2019, Tai Sui’s position is Northwest, so placing Pi Yao facing the Southeast facing Northwest will help you. However, if the Southeast side of your space is negative Feng Shui (restroom, closet, or garage) then you can place it in Northwest corner facing the Northwest side can also be beneficial.

Coins of the Five Emperors

Feng Shui-Coins of the Five Emperors

The five emperor coins bears the name of the five Chinese Emperors that are laced together who rules during the Qing Dynasty. The emperors are as follows

Sun Zhi, ruled from 1644 to 1661

Kang Xi, ruled from 1661 to 1722

Yong Zhen, ruled from 1723 to 1735

Qian Long, ruled from 1736 to 1796

Last, Jia Qing, ruled from 1796 until 1820

Coins that were forged and used during their rule are in high in value as during this time it is believed China was at its peak.

According to some Feng Shui experts the authentic coins from this era can be used for Feng Shui cure, but it is very difficult to get your hands on them, currently, majorly the fiver emperor coins that are being sold in the market are nothing but replicas (fake).

The genuine coins are believed to have plenty of uses. The most widely believes that circle around these coins are that they can block negative Qi, act as a defense charm, attract fortune, and also aid in support of your space.

Wind Chimes

Feng Shui-Wind Chimes

In Feng Shui application, Wind Chimes holds a very important place. It is believed that the energy comes forth from the sounds the wind chimes make that has the ability to boost the Qi of your space. However, if the wind chimes are deprived of the wind then they are close to being useless in Feng Shui.

The material out of which the wind chimes should be made of has to be determined by three things, your Kua, your spaces’ Bagua, and the annual placement and effect of the Flying Stars. However, there are some general beliefs that goes around the Feng Shui applications, it is said that wind chimes made out of bronze and other metals are ideal if your place them in the West or Northwest area of your space, but if you are placing the chime in the Southeast or East area of your space then it is preferred to be made out of wood or bamboo as they are not suitable for chimes made our of metal.

One thing that is very important to keep in mind is that the chimes made out of metal are believed to invite more positive energy when compared to chimes made our of wood as wood chimes do not create less crisp sounds.

The Northeast and Southwest side of your space up until the meeting point in the middle makes the ‘gate of the spiritual realm’ and the wind chimes should not be placed there as it can bring in troubles for you. 

Bronze Bells

Feng Shui-Bronze Bells

Just list wind chimes, bronze bells’ ability to attract Feng Shui energy comes through the sound it makes. Bronze bells have the ability to boost the positive Qi of your space.

Generally, bronze bells are hung near the main entrance of your space which helps repeal the negative Qi and invite fortune inside. It is said that the West and Northwest side of a space belongs to metal (under classification of 5 elements) and hence hanging the bells there will help you.

Having said that, do not buy any bell, make sure that the sound the bells make, you feel connected to it (emotionally and by your personality) because if you do not feel connected, they will work towards the opposite and might just attract Negative Qi (Xa Qi).

Bagua Mirror

Feng Shui-Bagua Mirror

It is widely practised to place the Bagua Mirror on the top the front door’s wall. Bagua mirrors are used to block the Xa Chi and Xa Qi from entering your space but it is also extremely advised to first consult with a Feng Shui expert before using a Bagua mirror.

There are several types of Bagua mirrors available, some have flat mirrors, some have concave and some can have convex. Additionally there are Bagua mirrors of the later heaven sequence and early heaven sequence.

We again highly recommend you to consult with a Feng Shui expert before going for a Bagua Mirror.


Feng Shui-Ruyi

Ruyi are the Chinese sceptres that symbolises fortune, power and supremacy.  You will notice the Chinese gods and powerful people holding the sceptres in the sculptures, paintings, and drawings. According to Feng Shui, sceptres (Ruyi) can help one in gaining and maintaining growth and power in their career. Hence, it is widely used in office spaces than at home.

Usually Ruyi is placed in the North side of the office or business place so that it can help you (the owner) and clear the path for growth.

Wu Lou (Hu Lu and Calabash)

Feng Shui-Wu Lou (Hu Lu and Calabash)

Wu Lou have the same shape as of a Calabash or Gourd and is associated with curing Fenh Shui energy. It is said that once the positive Feng Shui energy enters Wu Lou from its mouth it stays there, swirling around in its curved structure.

Additionally, Wu Lou has the ability to absorb the Xa Qi that comes from the Feng Shui Hazards in close vicinity of your space (Feng Shui hazards: Graveyards, hospitals, and religious places like temples, and churches), to do so, you just need to place Wu Lou on the wall that is next to these Hazards.

It is important to consult with a Feng Shui expert before buying a Wu Lou and using it as the material it is made out of and the colour matters too.

It is also believed that this material has the ability to cure sickness and deteriorating health, just place Wu Lou in that person’s bedroom and it’ll absorb the Xa Qi. 

Bamboo Flutes

Feng Shui-Bamboo Flutes

In Feng Shui, Bamboo Flutes have the ability to stimulate the positive energies and cure the Xa Qi. How it is believed it works is that the Xa Qi eneters from one end of the flute and the leave from the hole on the other side of the flute, and during the process the energy is neutralised.

As bamboo flute have the Wood element of Feng Shui, they can be placed in the South, East, and the Southeast area of your space.



The life energy in plants are said to have the ability to enhance the Feng Shui of any given space.

Plants are mostly used not only to boost the Feng Shui energy of your space, but also to balance the five elements as well. Keeping in mind, ‘lucky bamboo’ are believed to have the ability to enhance not only your learning ability but also your children.

Before placing the plants in your space, make sure you consult with a Feng Shui expert as the type of plant and the size of plant affect the use and benefit.



Like plants, flowers too appeal to the wood element of Feng Shui, but flowers comes in variety of colours that can affect the Feng Shui of your space. For example, the red coloured flowers bring in the Fire Energy, and you would not want to bring red flowers in until you have checked the Bagua of your space and your Kua.



Crystals are known to be the driving force for Feng Shui energy. They bring the essence of earthiness. If you have never bought crystals and do not know anything about them, clear Quartz in their natural shape will be your safest bet.

Other than Quartz, Pyrite, Amethyst, and Citrine are some other crystals that will help you attract the wealth energy.

Pyrite are easy to find and are pocket friendly. Amethyst are also easy to find and helps in purification of the energy in your home.

Amethyst along with attracting wealth energy can also negate the Xa Qi in your space.

Fuk Luk Sau

Fuk Luk Sau

Fuk Luk Sau are the 3 Chinese gods where in Fuk represents prosperity (growth), Luk represents status, and Sau represents longevity. It is also said that they bring in fortune and good health to your space.

The three gods must be places next to one another. When looking at three of them, Fuk should be on your right side, Luk should be in the middle and Sau must be on the left side, similar to how traditionally the Chinese characters were written from right to left. Having said that, nowadays, Chinese characters are written from left to right and subsequently the order of the gods have also changed.

It is said that the statues of these three gods should always face inside of the house (not at the gate or not even over a window) and should not face restroom, closet or garage.

Buddha Artefacts

Buddha Artefacts

It is said that if you place a statue of Buddha, it attracts positive Feng Shui energies into your space. The statue should never be placed in the restroom/bathroom, bedroom, kitchen, garage of your space as it is disrespectful to Buddha, according to experts.

One can place Buddha statue in the living area, on the desk (office or home), altar, and on objects facing the main door. To find out the material of statue that should be used for your space, you must get in touch with a Feng Shui expert, but another important thing is that you must feel a connection with the statue you buy or else it will be of waste.

Water Fountains

Water Fountains

Water fountains are used to invite the Feng Shui Wealth energy into your space. One can buy water fountains in all shapes and sizes ad can be used both inside the space and outside. According to experts, some of the areas where you can place water fountains are East, North, and Southeast.

Having said that, one must keep in mind that water fountains should not be placed in the bedroom or the kitchen (kitchen has fire element which conflicts with fountains water element).

Face of the water fountain should be toward the space and not face the outside world, as inward flowing water represents inflow of wealth. Make sure the fountain is always running as stagnant water is not good Feng Shui and is clean as well.

Final Thoughts

Feng Shui items are widely used, but one must remember, they can only aid you in attracting the positive energy or curing the negative energy, by itself Feng Shui items cannot make all the difference. After placing the items in your space you cannot sit idle and wait for them to work for you, you will have to work towards your goals and the Feng Shui will help you achieve them.

Some Feng Shui items are easy to obtain, like water fountains, plants, Buddha statue, Dragon statue, but some are rare and will take time to find the genuine item like the coins of the five Chinese emperors.

 If you decide to buy the items and place it in your space, make you of two things, firstly, you feel connected with the item you buy, don’t buy just for the sake of it, because if you don’t like something, trust us the thing won’t like you back and will instead invite negative energy. Secondly, make sure you consult a Feng Shui expert so that they can tell you what to buy, where to place them according to your Kua and your space’s Bagua.

If you have been using Feng Shui in your home or office space, please do tell us if you have found them beneficiary or not in the comments below!!!

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