Swiggy Creates LinkedIn Profiles Of Popular Snacks; Leaves Netizens Amused

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Swastika Dubey
Swastika Dubey
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Swiggy took to Instagram and created LinkedIn profile of the most sought-after Indian comfort foods viz. chai, dosa, vada pav, dhokla, etc. Vada Pav was described as the “Brand Ambassador @ Mumbai/ Senior Street food specialist/Engaging in only spicy chatpata conversations”. Dosa, on the other hand, listed down the several spelling variants of its name like “Alias dosa, dosha, dosai” and clinched the “Best Breakfast Classic award (2021, 2022, 2023) | In collaboration with sambar and coconut chutney.”

The title of “CEO @ comfort food” was handed to Rajma Chawal. It was also described as a love language that has an indispensable relationship with “mummy ke haath, dahi and pyaaz”.

While croissant self-proclaimed itself as “Declared as the most difficult word to spell after Gorjus,” chai was simply characterised as the “manager @ everyone’s mood.” Pasta listed “Winner of the Safe Option at Fancy Cafe Award 2022” as its greatest accomplishment.

The Swiggy Admin added a tinge of humour to their LinkedIn page, by adding a crying cat image as the profile photo, and using the phrase “Guinness world record holder for asking a raise” in its fictional bio.

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The post that was uploaded on Tuesday has garnered over 3700 likes so far. With the assessment season in full swing, it was cleverly captioned, “My appraisal depends on this post getting 10k likes.”

One Instagram user commented, “Okay, I’m officially in love with Swiggy’s Instagram profile manager.” Another user wrote, “@swiggyindia creative level appreciate,”. He particularly enjoyed how the dosa worked with the chutney and sambar.

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