Viral Video: Dad Left Speechless As Son Gifts Him His Dream Bike, Watch!

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Kumkum Pattnaik
Kumkum Pattnaik
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  • Son surprises father with his dream bike
  • Ujwal Sidnag gifts his father his dream bike on his 59th birthday

A parent is synonymous with sacrifices when it comes to its relationship with its child and thanking them every day for this would not even be enough, however, recently a young man expressed his gratitude for what his father has done for him by surprising him with a wonderful gift on his 59th birthday.

In a video posted on the social media platform Instagram, the son could be seen gifting his father his favourite motorbike after he got to know how much he loved that bike. His father, to no surprise, was left overwhelmed with this gesture and was filled with joy after knowing he would own his dream bike was pretty evident on his face.

The video was posted by one Ujwal Sidnag with the caption “Happy Birthday Dad. There are no words to express about you, you are my superman, supergod everything. “We surprised our dad on his 59th birthday with the most unexpected gift he dreamed of having.’”

Watch the video here:

In the lengthy caption, the son explained that when he and his father went to the showroom of motorbike, his father really liked the bike but walked out as it was expensive. The son, however, then made up his mind to get his father what he dreams of and made him happy.

In the caption he also wrote, “”Until last year I had no idea how much he loved this bike when we randomly just visited the showroom to just check with the price but my dad was like ‘We can’t afford this right now, it’s too expensive.’ But that day I really saw the love for it as he was curiously asking all the questions to the representative their !! He loved it so much because it was the exact same bike which his dad used to ride the older version of this back in his days !! So thought there could not be any much of a gift than this, which makes him happy.”

Since the time this video was uploaded on Instagram, it has gained more than 4 lakh likes and thousands of comments. The video has also been circling around on the internet and has struck a chord with netizens who are in awe of an amazing gesture from a son for his father.

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One user said, “God bless you with happiness and love.. may you have a very bright future ahead.” While another wrote, “That happiness in his eyes is so precious man….God bless all.”

Another comment read, “Very sweet man! He is lucky to have son like you..wish him a very happy birthday.”

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