Rakhi Sawant Announces Separation From Husband Ritesh Singh; Here’s Why!

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Kumkum Pattnaik
Kumkum Pattnaik
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  • Rakhi Sawant announced separation with Ritesh Singh who was introduced to the world as “Rakhi’s husband” in Big Boss 15.
  • Rakhi tied the knot with Ritesh in 2019 but the marriage stood legally invalid given Ritesh’s marriage to estranged wife Snigdha Priya.
  • Rakhi says she loves him but cannot be unfair to his ex-wife and child.

Rakhi has always spoken upfront about the lack of true love in her life and her inclination to land an epic love story. She was ecstatic while introducing her NRI husband Ritesh Singh on the sets of Big Boss 15. She believed that opening up about her marriage to Ritesh would be much easier through the BB platform since it is watched by people all across the globe. Sadly, the couple has parted ways leaving Rakhi devastated.

Rakhi had tied the knot with Ritesh in 2019. The marriage, however, was declared legally invalid given the fact that Ritesh was still legally married to his estranged wife, Snigdha Priya. Rakhi reveals how she pleaded him to not leave her but all her efforts went down the drain when he suddenly left on Sunday claiming that legal issues with Rakhi were becoming increasingly difficult to be dealt with.

Rakhi was accused of faking her marriage when she posted solo pictures on her social media handle. She held her ground and said that her husband is an NRI and on account of certain reasons abstains from coming out in the public. Ritesh who was a participant in Big Boss 15, called himself “Rakhi Sawant’s husband”. Rakhi left no stone unturned in giving her husband a grand welcome into the house and was elated to receive the much-awaited acceptance from Ritesh.

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However, the two did not seem very compatible on the show and disagreed on almost everything. Ritesh detested Rakhi’s interference and spoke to her in an irritated tone. Rakhi gave in to the harsh treatment as Ritesh threatened him of leaving in case she voiced her arguments. The housemates tried to make Rakhi understand that such a treatment was not meant to be tolerated. Even the host, Salman Khan once bashed Ritesh during a “Weekend Ka Vaar” episode. He revealed that a domestic violence case was registered against him for beating his ex-wife. He cautioned Ritesh to be at his best behaviour with Rakhi failing which he would face dreadful consequences.

Snigdha Priya, Ritesh’s ex-wife expressed dissent to her marriage with Rakhi. She said that he was still legally married to her (Snigdha) and that his marriage with Rakhi was a hoax. On the contrary, Ritesh claimed that Snigdha has extramarital affairs and was merely playing the victim card. He added that all the allegations made by Snigdha were false and that she had attempted to extort money from him which she had done earlier as well.

Rakhi hinted at the issue of legalities to be a major obstruction in the smooth functioning of their relationship. She even responded to people who took a dig at her saying that Ritesh was her “Bhaade ka pati”. Rakhi is okay with people commenting on whatever they want. Rakhi during a conversation with Rashami Desai in the Big Boss house said that the reason she is unable to leave Ritesh is the fact that she is overburdened by Ritesh’s monetary favours.

Rakhi disclosed that the two started living together a few weeks after Big Boss but suddenly one day, Ritesh packed his bags and left stating legal reasons. He also claimed to have been subjected to scrutiny after entering into the BB house with Rakhi.

The entertainer, Rakhi says she still loves Ritesh and is ready to forgive him for everything. She also said that if Ritesh plans on divorcing his ex-wife and returning back to her she would be waiting with open arms.

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