Priyanka Chopra’s Comment, “Indian movies are all about hips and breasts,” sparks Outrage, netizens express distress.

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Monika Ahuja
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  • Priyanka Chopra’s statement during an interview at the Emmy Awards 2016 has sparked widespread outrage and criticism. 
  • Talking about Bollywood, the actor said that “everything is about hips and breasts” in Indian movies.
  •  Many online users voiced their annoyance at Priyanka Chopra’s constant criticism of the Indian movie industry during international appearances. 

A viral interview video featuring Bollywood actress Priyanka Chopra from Emmy Awards 2016 has caused a stir on social media. In the video shared by a Reddit user, Chopra discusses dance moves and states, “With Indian movies, everything is about hips and breasts.” This has triggered a backlash from online users.

Our Desi-girl cum global actress, Pee Cee, made her debut at the Oscars 2016 by walking the red carpet and conferring the trophy to Margaret Sixel for Mad Max Fury. There, she was asked by the international interviewer to show any Indian Dance moves, for which PC stated that “It is all about hips and breasts” and enacted a move. Many netizens raged and trolled her for negatively portraying Indian Cinema.

“I know there are a lot of issues with the Indian movie industry, but the way she constantly shit-talks about the Indian industry on an international platform is so annoying. Plus, the image she presents is so outdated. She does it for brownie points there & that makes me more annoyed lol”, a user expressed. An American user had replied similarly, “I’m an American, and she’s not popular or liked by other Americans here. I never hear anyone talk about it except possibly to say she’s Nick Jonas’ wife. She comes across as “try-hard”.

Another user had expressed his thoughts at length on how PC remains ignorant of how Indian classical dances have inspired Bollywood. The user has also conveyed his observations on how she perpetuates stereotypes about India to address the preferences of Western preconceptions. He added that she addresses problems plaguing Hollywood only when it bears a connection to race, facilitating her portrayal as a victim.

There are a few users who highlighted a different perspective on her statement. “LOL she’s just talking about Bollywood dancing being focused on moving hips and boobs, but people are so ready to hate that they’re taking her slip as something scandalous!” a user commented on her support.

“She was probably nervous and said Bollywood movies instead of Bollywood dancing. She’s not talking about Indian dancing (so not the regional dances like Kathak and Bnat) but specifically Bollywood dancing. I’m all about hating on people but on the things that actually should be criticized ??” another user commented.

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