Popularity Of Work From Home Courses, Soft And Digital Skills Gaining On LinkedIn

These Courses And Skills Gaining Popularity On LinkedIn


  • COVID-19 has changed the normal in personal and professional life
  • WFH Courses gaining popularity of LinkedIn
  • Digital and soft skills also gaining popularity on LinkedIn

Professionals in India are investing their time and resources in courses on soft skills, digital skills and Work From Home as they try to get accustomed to the post-COVID-19 world, as per the data shared by LinkedIn.

The most popular courses in India include Time Management, Python, Writing a Resume and Tips for Working Remotely. As a matter of fact, the three of the top ten courses are based on how one can be more productive remotely, communicate with virtual teams and create work/ life balance while 5 courses relates to Soft Skills which include communication and strategic management.

Other popular courses in the top 10 category comprise of Excel and Project Management. In terms of Technical Skills, Python is gaining popularity amongst the employers in today’s time.

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The proportion of total job postings looking for professionals with Python skills is up 29% year over year, says LinkedIn.

A report from LiveMint said, “LinkedIn data also shows that members on the platform continue to learn online and upskill. In India, there has been an increase of 245% in the number of hours spent on learning from July 2019 to June 2020, compared to the same period a year before.”

It also added that the “Professionals across the globe continue to adapt to the new normal with active use of online learning and learning new skills that are most in-demand. As per the recent stats, LinkedIn members spent over 420K hours learning in July 2020 alone, compared to 97K in July 2019 in India.”

Ruchee Anand, Director of LinkedIn Talent and Learning Solutions, India, said, “Virtual learning continues to gain traction as professionals adjust to the new normal of remote working. In fact, LinkedIn Learning data shows that the hours spent learning in July 2020 is more than 3x the amount in July 2019,”.

Anand also said that the rise in popularity of courses reflects how the professionals in India are working towards getting ready for the future and reinventing themselves by diversifying their skill sets.

On the global level, courses which are helping professional achieve work-life balance and work better remotely are topping the list indicating that Soft Skills are the need of the hour.

The Most Popular Courses list is free for all until 30th of September is based on LinkedIn data which dates from July 1, 2019, through June 30, 2020. The top courses are based on the number of unique learners based in India.

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