20 Future Job Opportunities In India To Get High Salary

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Kumkum Pattnaik
Kumkum Pattnaik
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Pleasure In The Job Puts Perfection In The Work

After every couple of years, the job requirement shift and the old jobs and improvement in technology and infrastructure make room for future jobs. Now as the technology is advancing, the internet, machines, and automation are taking over the world by storm, however, apart from these, there are many, many more future job opportunities in India that will be opening their doors.

More often than not, people study and work towards the job that is in demand in the present, but by the time they get their hands on the degrees or get optimum experience, they see a drastic shift in the demand, so in our attempt to help you better prepare we have created a list for the 20 future jobs that will be in demand in India.

So without further ado, let us start with the list.

What Are The Best Future Job Opportunities In India Which Will Be In Demand?

PS: The jobs listed below are not ranked in any way whatsoever.

1. Digital Marketing

It will not be wrong to say that in today’s era, Marketing is amongst the core pillars of any business, especially as there has been a shift of business from offline to online. This shift has also increased the demand for Digital Marketers.

Digital Marketing - Trending Future Job opportunity In India

Now, even a small business owner is trying to sell its products online via different e-commerce websites and online marketplaces, and believe you us, with less than 50% of people in India having internet access, the market potential is huge as this number is increasing rapidly. And as this number will increase, the need for Digital Marketers will increase as well.

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Digital marketing is measurable whereas offline marketing is (mostly) not, plus, digital marketing increase the reach multifold. A good digital marketer is one who has good knowledge of Web Analytics, Social Media Platforms, Search Engine Optimisation and Advertisements, E-mail Marketing, and Algorithms used by Search Engines.

A digital marketer can drive users by both paid and organic media.

In recent years digital marketing has seen colossal growth, so much so that by 2024 itself it is expected to create over 20 lakh jobs in India, making it one of the best future job opportunities in India in 2024 that one can prepare for.

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2. Robotic Engineer

According to the U.S. based global research and advisory company, Gartner, Robots will replace over 30% of jobs that are currently done by Humans as soon as by 2025. Also, Google’s Director of Engineering, Ray Kurzweil predicts that by 2030, human thinking will go hybrid, which means it will be a mix of biological and Artificial Intelligence.

Even though India is slower than the developed nations, it is not so far behind, there are many start up in the country who are mainly focusing on developing robots and robotic technologies. There is no doubt that robotic engineering will be one of the best future jobs in India and also the world if not the best!

Robotic Engineer

In many dangerous jobs in Defence, Nuclear, and even Space robots have taken over humans, like the drones that many militaries uses for survillience and even attacking the terrorists. Additionally, it is believed that by the end of this year itself, the robotic industry will attain a market cap of $ 46 billion.

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3. Actuarial Science

Do you know who decides how much premium on insurance will have to be paid by the person insured or the person who has purchased the insurance? That is the job of Actuaries.

Actuarial Science

Actuaries are the people who undertake the maths and science of insurance which accesses worth, liabilities, and even risk among many other factors. Financial institutions including insurance firms and banks are on a constant lookout for people who have a knack at designing such investment instruments.

Also, with the Indian economy expanding, the need for Actuaries is also rising and will rise even further in the future. Moreover, if you love Mathematics, this is one of the best future job opportunities that you can prepare for.

4. Cyber Security

With the advancement of technology and the use of the internet, people, more than ever, are now using online services, and with that, the risk of cybercrimes are increasing as well. Without optimum cybersecurity, your data online is not safe, not even your messages. And cybercrime is on a rise now, and so is the need of cybersecurity specialists.

Cyber Security

National Association of Software and Services Companies (NASSCOM) says that by the end of 2024 itself, India will have 10 lakh job openings for cybersecurity. Moreover, the U.S. firm Burning Glass Technologies Inc said that there is 12X growth in jobs for cybersecurity on the global level.

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5. Back-end Developer

Behind every website, mobile application, and even software there are back-end developers. A Back-end developer is a pillar who helps develop the logic behind any website/ software/ application.

To become a back-end developer, one should have good knowledge on C++, C#, and Java. A back-end developer is not a future job opportunity per se, but with the advancement in technology, the demand is only going to increase.

Back-end Developer

As per reports from Mill for Business, there are around 400 websites that are created every minute all across the globe. Additionally, around 4 lakh applications are launched in a year individually on Google Play and Apple’s App Store.

6. Career Counselor

Have you heard of Video Game testers or PR professionals or even Social Media experts? Now did you hear about them in the early 2010s? With the advancement of technology and the internet, the reach of potential users and customers has increased, the celebrities now want to keep their image right as everything they do or say does go around like wildfires thanks to the internet.


Who knew that there will be an opportunity as a PR professional for not just celebrities but companies as well, this is where career counselors come in.

If we talk about the U. S. there are 26 lakh career counselors per 18 lakh candidates, and when we talk about India, there are just 500 registered counselors per 15 lakh candidates as per a report shared by The Hindu. This alone shows the vast opportunity that is there as a future job in career counseling.

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7. Data Scientist

The requirement of Data Scientists is not only increasing in India but all over the globe. Right now, users are ready to provide their information more freely than ever before and with this, the need for data scientists arises.

Data Scientist

A Data scientist is involved in not only finding but also analysing the information that is necessary to build and grow a business. Earlier, the titans like Amazon, Google, Facebook, and Financial Institutions who use to feat the data of their customers and potential users but now every company understands that it is important to use the information of their customers to improve their products and services.

With this, Data Scientist professionals become a future job in India that one could prepare for.

8. Banking Career

As Marketing is the backbone of any company, Banking is the backbone of a nation’s economy. The banking sector can make and break a nation, we remember the global crises that shook the world to its very core, many financial institutions running for almost 100 years closed down in an instant, however, India was in a relatively better position with its sound system.

Banking Career

The banking sector is going to take over 3rd position in the world as it is growing at a very fast pace, especially with the government owned public sector banks growing. And with this growth, the need of the employees in the banking sector is said to increase in the coming year.

9. Drone Operator

Have you seen the top shots of buildings and sites in videos or movies? They are mostly taken by drones and believe you us, flying a drone is no easy feat as the high end drone can have so many features and are agile that you make one mistake and you will hit them against something.

Earlier drones were only used for surveillance but now their potentials are being explored.

Drone Operator

Forest Survey of India’s Director General, Dr. Subhash Ashutosh says that drones are the latest technological addition to their data acquisition methodology. Many other organisations and companies are exploring the use of drones in their operations, like in accessing the severity of any disaster or mishappenings and much more.

With so much, it is said that the Drone industry in India will grow over $ 400 million by 2023, and with that, the requirement of drone operators will increase as well making it one of the best future jobs in India.

10. Dietician

Lately, the need for improving one’s health and lifestyle has gained more popularity however, good professional dieticians are scarce that you imagine. Dieticians or also known as Nutritionists are the ones who have acquired knowledge about the human body and nutrition and can devise a diet plan which will help you achieve the desired goals unique to your body to reach the desired goal.


Many must have seen the transformation video of Aamir Khan for Dangal movie, he can be seen saying that you can work out in the gym for hours a day but if your diet is not absolute, you will not get the desired results.

This increase in the desire of getting into good shape and reach good health has increased the need for dieticians as well, and thus making is one of the best future jobs in India that you can aim for.

11. Financial Planner

Finance is one thing that a person wants to be taken care of irrespective of how the economy is doing, if the economy is doing good, then you want to invest to get highest returns if the economy is going south, you want to invest where your money is safe.

This is where financial planners come into the picture, people from all income groups need financial planners, and this job has been creating jobs for a long time and will continue to be amongst the best job in future in India.

A good financial planner comes up with the best possible implementable plan where you have the least risks and get fruitful returns based on your capacity of risk-taking. A good financial planner is one who can make you money off of your money without you working for it.

12. Event Manager

With life getting hectic as it is, and a social image that people try to keep up they want their events to be lavish but without giving their much time in planning and executing the same. This is where the event planners come in, from a simple birthday to Olympic level events, they take care of it all.

Event Manager

With this, this career has been one which has seen the greatest growth in recent times. Apart from expertise in management, communication, creativity, and budgeting, they have negotiation skills too which makes your life easier. An event manager knows where things can be found for the best price, or who can get a thing done.

They take care of things from the inception of the event until the guests leave and make money hands over fists too doing the same as people are willing to pay money to avoid the cumbersome tasks of doing it all, making it yet another one of the future job opportunities in India.

13. Interior Designer

As once called to be the one for the riches, now, if you take a closer look at this profession you will see that the potential is in almost every new household. With the majority of nuclear families have both people working there is not much time to keep aside for the hectic and tedious work of designing your own space, let alone buying all the furniture and artifacts. .

Interior Designer

Plus, with a trend shifting to flats instead of bungalows, you need to make the most of the space that you have and still keep it open and clutter-free. This is where the interior designers come in, not only they have high designing quotient but should have knowledge of the traditional architecture techniques like Vastu Shastra and others from other religions.

With most of the people having to move out for the search of a better standard of living and jobs, the rise in need of interior designers is only going to rise, making it one of the best future jobs in India in the coming years.

14. Environment Management

With every problem comes a new reform and that opens up gates to new future job opportunities in India, that case is “Swachh Bharat Abhiyan”. As India is tackling the problem of pollution, the need for environmentalists has risen considerably.

Additionally, as the world unites to tackle the threatening problem of Global Warming, people, organisations and even governments from all over the world are now finding ways to control carbon emissions and come up with ways to implement renewable power sources.

Environment Management

This is where the environmentalists come in, to come up with plans and how those plans can be implemented to tackle problems with the environment. In India, the government has targetted to increase solar power energy by 500% i.e. from 20 GW (GigaWatt) to 100 GW. Similarly, there will be an increase in wind energy by almost 270% as well i.e. from 22.4 GW to 60 GW.

According to the Council on Energy, Environment, and Water (CEEW), India, and National Resource Defence Council (NRDC), there will be 2 lakh and 10 lakh jobs in wind energy projects and solar energy projects in India, respectively.

15. Home Baker

For the past couple of years, people all around the globe have become conscious of what they put in their bodies, especially the nutrition, chemicals, and even preservatives that the food contains. Now, more than ever, companies make sure to stress the facts that their products are healthy, without preservatives, and chemicals, why? Because people are indeed getting conscious and there have been a number of researches that back this claim. Also, there have been studies just to find how the chemicals and preservatives affect the human body.

Home Baker

Following this, people are turning to Home Bakeries to ensure that the quality of ingredients used to prepare the food is up to the mark. Additionally, the home baking industry is on a rise and with low investment, this is one of the top future job opportunities in India. One can learn about home baking, for free, via YouTube and other similar platforms.

This is more suitable for men and women who have a knack for cooking and baking.

16. Marriage Counselor

Think of a time when your parents got married, and even after such long marriage filled with fights and what not they are together, however, according to a report of a leading news agency, the divorce rate in India has risen by 16% between 1990 and 2017 (from 28% to 44%). According to data from Facebook, up until 2016, there were over 6 lakh people on Facebook with the relationship status as Divorced, out of those over 1 lakh were from India.

Nowadays what is happening is that people have gotten used to quit when things do not work out, and we do not imply for once that someone is wrong in doing so, what we are trying to say is people do not try to stick to their commitments and just quit. With this rising count of divorces in India, the need for marriage counselors is rising as well.

Marriage Counselor

A divorce is never easy, just think about the last relationship that ended up in a breakup, now think about a Divorce, and so much gets added up when there is a child involved. There is victimising, anxiety, depression and whatnot.

A marriage counselor works directly with the couple and tries to resolve the underlying issues. They even involve the families of the couple if the need arises, and in doing so they even earn a butt load of money-making is one of the future jobs in India that one can consider.

17. Machine Learning Professionals

Machine learning in an arm of Artificial Intelligence where the professional develops the system which has the ability to learn and grow by itself without the need for further programming. To put is into easy words, have you ever noticed that you were looking for a product on Amazon or Flipkart or any other e-commerce website and then you see ads for those or related products while surfing the internet. It is not limited to this either, this is how banks recognises the pattern to identify fraudulent activities as well.

Machine Learning Professionals

All this is developed by nonother than the Machine learning engineers. Siri, Alexa, and even Google Assistant use the same technique to better themselves, and with the advancement of technology, the sky is the limit, making Machine Learning the pinnacle of future jobs in India.

18. Recruiter

Before starting off with the job, let us see how the recruiter is different from an HR, simply put, recruiter is a part of the HR team and is only involved with hiring the right candidate for the job, whereas HR’s role is to be in touch with the employee until he/she leaves the organisation. It’s a classic example of “all basketballs are balls, but not all balls are basketballs” kind of a thing.


A recruiter’s job is to find the right talent who will be the right fit for the organisation. The negotiations and testing of the candidates are the vital roles that a recruiter has to take care of. In the past, the recruiters were deemed as the cost to a company, but now it is shifting as companies realise how important it is to attain an employee who not only has the right skill set but is also in harmony with the vision and culture of the company. Recruiters are not considered to be an asset to the company.

A recruiter’s job is not easy, as it has to have a basic understanding of all the functions that are undertaken by the company, including but not restricted to finance, sales, manufacturing, and marketing.

19. Physiotherapist

As technology advanced, it proved out to be a boon, but had its own curses too. As technology progressed, the need of human interventions in even the smallest of works is going out of fashion, like you can control almost all of the electronics in your home even when you are not in your home, with the help of remotes or AIs like Siri, Alexa, and even Google Assistant.


As people are now undertaking fewer laborious tasks, there has been a rise in injuries like cervical, still neck and back, joint pains, and even sports injury (especially, when you play it after long a gap). This change in lifestyle has not only bought ease but pain, too, to the human race.

A physiotherapist treats such injuries using both machines and physical methods which includes laser treatments, massages, and even hydrotherapy.

20. Full Stack Developer

A full stack developer or engineer is a mix of both back end and front end developer, which means that they are involved with both cosmetics end and under the hood end of a project. A full stack developer should have good knowledge of back end languages like JavaScrpt, CSS, HTML, PHP, Python and even with web design, User Interface (UI) development, user experience skills, database jobs, and servers as well.

Full Stack Developer

Full Stack developers can handle all servers, clients, engineering, and even database jobs. Companies are now at a look-out for a person who is more of a “jack of all trades” and can take more responsibilities and complete them with effectiveness and full efficiency making it one of the best future jobs in India in the coming years.

Most of the jobs that will be in huge demand in both immediate and long term future come from the advancement of technology, and now that you know some of the best future job opportunities in India, it is time to hone your skills for the job that you think you can excel in.

Take some time and realise what is your passions, is it robotics, or programming languages, or online marketing? However, the thing to note is, irrespective of the career you choose, your growth will always lie in your skillset.

If you think this article has helped you in any way, give us your love by subscribing to our newsletter and sharing the articles with your friends, family, and colleagues. Do give us your feedback down in the comments.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What jobs will be in demand in 2024 in India?

There are many jobs whose demands are increasing at a very rapid speed. People with expertise in Digital Marketing, Artificial Intelligence, Data Scientist, Handling of Drone, Cyber Security, and others that are mentioned above are already in huge demand and as per statistics, their demand will only increase.

Which career is best in future in India?

It is always a good thing to be prepared for the future. We believe that studying for what is in demands is not as yielding as if your study and get your expertise in a domain whose demand is increasing and will be in huge demand. Careers as Data Scientists, Robot Engineers, Dieticians, Event Managers Cyber Security Specialists and other mentioned above will help you be better prepared.

What jobs will be in demand in 2024?

Most of the jobs listed above are already gaining momentum and demand in India. In the coming 2 years, these will be increased, as stated above, for example, there were just 500 career counsellors in India per 15 lakh candidates. Check the list to know more about such job opportunities.

Which field has the highest salary in India?

One of the highest paying jobs in India and almost all over the world is of a Doctor, however, as the demand will increase of the above mentioned jobs like Physiotherapists, Financial Planners, Back-end Developers, Marriage Counselors and others, their salary will increase as well. Plus, since there is less competition in these domains compared to doctors, engineers and other, you will also get the first-mover advantage.

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