India-UK’s Ambitious Green Grid Initiative – One Sun, One World, One Grid

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Kumkum Pattnaik
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  • Indian and UK governments join hands to implement the Green Grid Initiative launched a Glasgow.
  • The project would entail combining large scale solar stations, wind power plants and grids with rooftop solar and community grids to corroborate a resilient and affordable supply of green energy for all.

India’s pioneering Green Grid Initiative (GGI) was inaugurated alongside the COP26 summit named, One Sun, One World, One Grid (OSOWOG). The project would combine the massive amplification in solar and wind power with international grids on all continents thereby linking energy-rich locations, for instance, sunlit desserts and breezy coastlines.

Declaring the launch, Prime Minister Narendra Modi said that ISRO, the Indian Space Research Organisation has designed a solar calculator application that will be useful in determining locations of solar projects.

The initiative integrates large scale solar stations, wind farms and grids with rooftop solar and community grids inclusive of village mini-grids to ascertain a reliable, resilient and economical supply of green energy for everyone.

The information was disclosed amid a session on ‘Accelerating Clean Energy Technology’ by Modi and the host of the summit, UK PM Boris Johnson. Joe Biden, US President, spoke afterwards Modi.

The Green Grid initiative is being pursued under a collaborative effort of the Governments of India and UK in coalition with the International Solar Alliance (ISA) and the World Bank Group. It will reinforce a global partnership among national governments, international financial and technical organisations, legislators, power system operators and knowledge kingpins to speed up the establishment of a new infrastructure essential for a world powered by clean energy.

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The initial outline for the concept of a solo global grid was laid down at the First Assembly of the ISA in 2018 by Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

The project will aid in decarbonising energy production which is primarily the source of global greenhouse emissions. It targets global interconnectivity across the Middle East, South and Southeast Asia while making use of African power pools.

The concept note revealed by the ISA depicts three phases in which the project shall unfold. The first phase would mark the interconnection of the Indian grid to the Middle East, South and Southeast Asia grids to split solar and renewable energy resources for catering to electricity demands.

Subsequently, it will be interconnected with the African power pools in the second phase. The final phase would involve global integration of the power transmission grid to accomplish OSOWOG’s vision.

Approximately 2600 GW of interconnection capacity is being aimed at by 2050, dispensing estimated power savings of 226 billion euros per year.

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