Chhapaak: Deepika Padukone Conducts A Social Experiment And Sees How Easily It Is To Acquire Acid

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Deepika Padukone, after doing Chhapaak, is on a mission to raise awareness on both victims of acid attacks and restriction on sale of acid. She was last seen in the Meghna Gulzar directed movie Chhapaak. Earlier she did a social experiment when acid attack victims and she, herself, after putting on make-up to look like a victim went to different stores in Mumbai to see people’s reaction.

This time, she herself did not participate in the experiment however, her team went to different shops in Mumbai to see how easy it was to obtain acid, while she was in a car looking at all events.

Deepika Padukon’s team members dressed up as normal people depicted themselves as mechanic, plumber, housewife, student, a drunk, and other to conduct the experiment.

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The video starts with Deepika Padukone making a statement “If someone proposes you and you reject their proposal, or when someone harasses you and you raise your voice against it, and as an aftermath the person throws acid on you”.

Watch the video of the Social Experiment here:

In the video she says “The reason why acid is thrown at someone is acid itself, if it weren’t sold, it would not have been thrown” (Acid fikne ki sabse badi wajah acid khud hai, agar yeh bikta nahi toh yeh fikta nahi).

In the video, Deepika’s team members who are acting various roles can be seen asking for the strongest acid “which will burn the skin” from the shopkeepers. Many of the shopkeepers did not even ask who they are (the person buying the acid), and only one could be seen asking for ID Proof.

At the end of the video, Deepika padukone revealed that her team managed to buy 24 bottles of Acid from various locations in Mumbai, she said “I cannot believe we managed to collect 24 bottles of Acid in just one day even after the Supreme Court has laid down strict rules and regulations to sell the acid”.

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Rules For Buying And Selling Acid:

  • The buyer should be at least 18 years of age to buy Acid
  • The buyer needs valid ID and Address proof to buy Acid
  • A seller must have a license to sell Acid
  • It is mandatory for the seller to provide all the details of sale of Acid to the police

At the end of the video, Deepika Padukone says “Along with shopkeeper, it is our responsibility as well to inform the police if we see anybody buying or selling acid illegally, because the reason why Acid is thrown is because it is being sold”.

In the movie Chhapaak, Deepika Padukon is playing the role of Malti, an acid attack survivor and the movie is based on the like of real acid attack survivor Laxmi Agarwal. A 30+ year old guy (Naeem Khan) along with a lady accomplice threw acid on her face when she was just 15 years old because she refused his marriage proposal.

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