Woman With MA in English Opens Tea Shop At Delhi Cantonment Area, Her Story Will Inspire You

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Swastika Dubey
Swastika Dubey
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  • A LinkedIn post about a female tea seller has gained a lot of attention.
  • In Delhi Cantt, a woman with a master’s degree in English was seen selling tea.
  • Her inspiring story has received almost 31K reactions.

The saying that “dreams have no borders” is true. Because reading about an ambitious young lady who quit a lucrative career to pursue her dreams will not only motivate you but also make you realise that it is never too late to achieve your goals.

The post, which tells the story of Sharmistha Ghosh, was shared on LinkedIn by Brigadier Sanjay Khanna, a veteran of the army. Ghosh, a post-graduate in English literature, had worked at the library for the British Council. But she gave up everything to pursue her dream of building a beverage company that would be more well-known than Chaayos.

The post read, “A few days ago I happened to be in Delhi Cantt’s Gopinath Bazar and desired to have tea. I was amazed & pleasantly surprised to see a smart English speaking woman operating this small chai stall on wheels( popularly called Raydee).”

“A friend of hers , Bhavna Rao working with Lufthansa is also a joint partner in operating this small Chai stall. Further , as of now she’s providing extra wages to her house help as she has employed her at the chai stall. They come together in the evening and operate from the small temporary kind of structure and go back,” he added.

Have a look:

“One must not keep thinking of high qualifications and a high end job deserved but think of small ways and means to achieve & flourish in the longer run.” Khanna wrote in the inspiring post. And online users wholeheartedly agreed with it. Many thanked him for sharing the motivating story.

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One user wrote, “I completely agree with your sentiment that no job is small or big, and it’s important to have a dream and the passion to pursue it.” Another stated, “This is so inspiring and beautiful.”

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