WhatsApp: Android Users Can Now See Deleted Messages With This Free App

WhatsApp: See Deleted Messages With This Free App

WhatsApp, one of the most popular messaging app right now in the world released a feature in 2017 where a person was allowed to delete its own message from the chat. By using this feature a user could now remove videos, images, and messages from the Facebook owned messaging app WhatsApp. This meant that after deleting the message, nobody, not even the sender could read or see the message.

However, there is a way by which people can now see those deleted messages on WhatsApp.

Please note, as this app is not an official app released by Facebook and if you plan on downloading and using this app you will have to give the app certain permissions it will ask for. And by doing so you will expose all your notifications including OTPs and bank balance details to a third party application, and we take no guarantee that this data will remain out of the reach of the developer. You are advised to use this method only if you accept to take the risk and if seeing the deleted messages on WhatsApp is absolutely necessary.

Whenever a person deletes a message on WhatsApp, in the chat, a message appears which says “This message was deleted”.

If you have an Android smartphone you can follow these simple steps to see the deleted messages and shock people.

  • Download and Install WhatsRemove+ from the Google Play store.
  • After the app is installed, open the app and give the app the permission it asks for
  • After you grant the access, go back to the app and select the app(s) of which you would want to save the notifications and detect the changes
  • You will see WhatsApp in the options, simply select it and tap on Next
  • On the following screen tap the option Yes, Save Files follow by clicking the Allow.

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Now you have finished setting up this third party application and it is ready to be used.

From now on, every notification you will receive on the Facebook owned messaging app WhatsApp, including the messages which were deleted by the sender will appear on the third party “WhatsRemoved+” application.

Sadly, as of now, there is no such app available on iOS or other Apple Operating Systems, which in a way is a good thing for your privacy, but no so good when you come to think of the times you want to see the messages which were deleted by the sender on WhatsApp.

Though there are many apps on the Google Play store, however, none could come close to the level of satisfaction offered by WhatsRemoved+. The application does what it says just fine but you may be annoyed with the sheer number of advertisements.

Nevertheless, you can remove those ads if you are willing to pay Rs. 100 as a one-time fee.

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