Watch: Kids Take On The Viral No Dance Challenge; Youngest One Steals The Show

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  • A video featuring five adorable kids was posted on Instagram by their mother, Kaori Hansen Wright.
  • The video shows the kids dancing to music, with the youngest child starting the dance and the others joining in.
  • The video received a huge response, with over 87k likes and millions of views, and people couldn’t stop praising the cuteness of the youngest child.

Videos featuring kids are always a source of joy and entertainment. Whether it’s watching them imitate their parents or animals, the cuteness factor is always high, and it’s hard not to laugh. A recent video posted on Instagram by Kaori Hansen Wright, the mother of five adorable kids, is no exception.

The video shows the five kids lined up and as the music starts, the youngest child begins to dance. The two girls then join in, followed by their elder sister, and finally, the eldest brother joins in with some impressive dance moves.

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The caption reads, “Can you listen without dancing? I find it impossible with these tunes. Sometimes after dinner, there’s an impromptu dance party at our house. Tonight, I gave the kids the, try not to dance challenge. Little Tommy Hiro is a party king.”

Click here to watch the video

The video has received a massive response, with over 87k likes and millions of views. People are in love with the video, especially the youngest child, who stole the show with his dance moves. It’s videos like these that bring a smile to our faces and remind us of the innocence and joy that children bring into our lives.

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