Viral Video: Bride Enjoys Pani Puri At Her Wedding; Internet In Awe

Real Pani Puri Fan: Bride Sets Her Pani Puri Priorities Straight At Her Wedding; Netizens Love It


  • On a wedding day, a bride was spotted displaying her passion for pani puri.
  • The video was posted by the bride herself and has gained around 1.3 million views.
  • Check out the viral video here!

Pani puri is unquestionably one of the most popular street foods in India! Pani puri has a cult following unlike any other; it is the one street food that is enjoyed by both young and old. The crisp puri stuffed with masaledaar and that khatta-meetha pani has the ability to make us salivate at any time. And you can bet that pani puri fans will go to any extent to enjoy their favourite street food. An Instagram video has recently gone viral, and all pani puri fans will be happy to know why.

The video was taken at a wedding venue, and the bride and groom can be seen waiting for a taste of the scrumptious pani puri, but what the bride does next will have you in splits!

The bride herself, @imahimaagarwal, is a travel and fashion blogger who shared this snippet from her wedding, which is now going viral on social media. As the bride reaches for a portion of that delicious pani puri, she is offered an atte ka puri. She quickly goes to her husband and says, “yeh atte ka hai, yeh mujhe nahi chhaiye” (This is made of atta, I don’t want it) while she waits for her husband to take it from her hands. Her friends and relatives burst out laughing, and the bride can be seen giggling as well.

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This pani puri-obsessed bride eventually gets her favourite snack and can be seen eating it at the end of the video. “Nobody warned @shreashth about my #passion4paanipuri,” the bride captions the video.

Check-out the video here:

The video has got around 1.3 million views, 37.4k likes, and 43 comments, with the numbers steadily climbing with each passing minute. People who know the bride have given comments such as “So Mahima” and “Yaar yeh best video hai” (This is the best video).

Others appear to understand the bride’s love for pani puri; one comment read, “Jo pani puri khaata hai ussey hi pata hoga what she said” (only the people who have pani puri will understand what she said).

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