Viral Video! After Milkshake And Laddu, This Bizarre ‘Rooh Afza Maggi’ Leaves Netizens Stunned

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Swastika Dubey
Swastika Dubey
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  • A street food vendor in Delhi was seen pouring Rooh Afza over his instant noddle dish.
  • The bizarre food experiment has failed to impress both the blogger and others who watched it online.
  • The viral video has gained 5.9 million views on Instagram.

Even though the year is coming to an end, there appears to be no end to odd food experiments. After the disasters of Maggi kheer and laddu, another sweet version of the instant noodle is gaining popularity: Rooh Afza Maggi.

Yes, believe it or not, a food blogger tried this magenta-colored Maggi with the sweet rose syrup, which freaked out both him and netizens. A street seller in Delhi was seen cooking Maggi in the traditional method — adding the masala mix to the instant noodles — in a video uploaded on Instagram by blogger Arjun Chauhan (@oye.foodieee). Instead of presenting it as it is with preferred choices such as chopped veggies or an egg, he covers it with the syrup.

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Despite the fact that he doesn’t comment on the food or even say anything, his expression is saying everything. And, as if that wasn’t enough, he chose the ‘Oh no! Oh no!’ soundtrack to match the footage, which everyone felt was a fantastic choice given the disaster!

The video has gained 5.9 million views on Instagram where people are not happy with the vendor and blasted him for “ruining Maggi,” while others questioned why the blogger bothered to taste it in the first place. Apart from many jokes and nasty comments, the video sparked a debate on how bloggers should ignore such “insane innovation” so that more vendors do not follow the trend.

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