Police Aspirant Hides Hi-Tech Bluetooth Device In Wig To Cheat For SI Exam, Netizens Lauds High-Tech “Jugaad”

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Swastika Dubey
Swastika Dubey
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  • Uttar Pradesh Man conceals wireless device in Wig to Cheat in sub-inspector exam.
  • Metal detector helped in catching hold of the person when the detector started pinging around man’s head.
  • Many netizens, who are widely sharing the video online, are voicing worries about how the youth’s ambition to land a government job is driving them to take such extreme measures.

Getting a government job in India isn’t easy given the competition. This drives people to go to great lengths in order to pass the selection examinations. Recently during Uttar Pradesh sub-inspector examination, an applicant hid a high-tech bluetooth wireless set beneath a wig. Despite his elaborate and clever plan, he was arrested by police.

The footage, which was provided by IPS officer Rupin Sharma, reveals how the cops realised something was wrong when the metal detector began pinging around the man’s head. What made the situation even more odd was that the man’s wireless headphones were so little that even he couldn’t pull them out, while admitting to having them in both ears.

The video quickly went viral. Netizens are concerned about how the youth are driven to adopt desperate and extreme measures in order to obtain a government job. Others are urging the government to recruit the man because of his creativity.

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Many instances of organised cheating scandals have shaken the country in recent years. Cheating seems to have had a negative impact on police recruiting. In 2018, the West Bengal CID caught 42 people for allegedly using improvised wireless gadgets to cheat in a constable recruitment exam. Similarly, in the same year, a big syndicate of cheating facilitators was caught in several places throughout Uttar Pradesh for enabling cheating by using high-tech devices such as spy-mics and placing “solvers” in Uttar Pradesh Police constable recruitment examinations.

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