Viral: UP Cop Fails To Load A Gun; Netizens Left Amused

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Kumkum Pattnaik
Kumkum Pattnaik
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A sub-inspector at a police station in the UP surprised his superiors and the internet after trying to shoot a bullet through the hose while treating the gun like a cannon from a few centuries ago.

He explained to the inspecting officer, “This is the procedure to fire in such a way that no one gets wounded,” but the officer swiftly instructed him not to demonstrate. When asked how he would discharge the gun, he cocked it forward, allowing the bullet to slide out.

This unusual incident occurred when Deputy Inspector General of Police (DIG) RK Bhardwaj made a surprise visit to Sant Kabir Nagar police station.

While other officers struggled to contain their laughter, the officer can be seen on camera trying to contain his laughter. Finally, he advises the staff to continue their training and develop emergency response skills. It is unclear if any action followed the same.

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IG RK Bhardwaj instructed the police personnel to keep practicing and training as they could be deployed to an emergency situation anytime.

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