Famous Restaurateur Salt Bae Disrespects Customer After Charging ₹ 49,700 Just To Cut Their Steak

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Kumkum Pattnaik
Kumkum Pattnaik
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  • Salt Bae, Nusret Gökçe, filmed talking to someone on his AirPods at a customer’s table.
  • TikToker Ehtisham Aziz filmed his experience at Salt Bae’s restaurant
  • Aziz said that the chef’s restaurant was a waste of money

The famous Turkish chef Nusret Gökçe who is famous for his persona of Salt Bae known for extravagant celebrity stakes is now making headlines for the wrong reasons, again. After being trolled and heavily criticised for his antics at the FIFA World Cup final, the chef has been accused of rude behaviour.

TikToker Ehtisham Aziz, visited Salt Bae’s restaurant in Doha, Qatar, and filmed the Turkish chef talking to someone via his AirPods while cutting one of his outrageously priced steaks at her table.

in the video which was filed by the content creators, the celebrity chef could be seen coming to his table to cut the steak, for which he charged an extra $ 600 (₹ 49,700). Though the extra charge was not much of a problem for the TikToker, it can surely set a normal back.

The chef arrived at the table did not seem to care much about his guests, instead, he was busy talking to someone on his AirPods at the table.

Despite being ill-mannered, the celebrity chef did redeem himself and his restaurant’s name for some time by taking a break from his AirPods conversation to display his classic move of putting salt on steaks.

He even fed the cut meat to the TikToker’s brother.

Even though it could be seen that the content creator enjoyed that moment, the overall experience did not sit well with him as he said, “I would not recommend. Waste of money and extremely rude staff”.

Aziz’s video gained a lot of comments on TikTok. One user asked, “U payed $600 just for some dude to cut your steak lol (sic).” Another user left a comment which read, “Bro is wearing AirPods while cutting the meat.”

A curious TikTok user questioned, “Why do ppl keep going back to this place…”

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