VIP Security in India and the different categories!

Recently the Gandhi family’s SPG (Special Protection Group) security were removed and replaced it with Z+ security which will be there with them no matter where they are in India. The same happened with former PM Dr. Manmohan Singh, his SPG security was revoked by the government of India.

Let us go through the different VIP Security categories that are present in India:

X Category

This security ranks 4th (lowest) on VIP security category and the people who have this security gets 2 armed police personnel including a Personal Security Officer (PSO).

Y  Category

Ranking 3rd on the list of VIP Security category is the Y- category, herein the person is covered by 11 personnel which can have 1 or 2 commandos and 2 PSOs.

Z Category

The second highest category of VIP security, the person with Z security can get upto 22 personnel which include 4/5 NSG (National Security Guard) commandos along with armed policemen and an escort car. Some people who have Z security includes AAmir Khan, and Ramdev Baba.

Z+ Category

The highest level of security that can be provided to someone in India. The person who gets Z+ security can have up to 55 personnel which can include over 10 NSG commandos and armed policemen, personnel who are a part of Z+ security team have to go through some hard training and get expertise in hand to hand combat along with martial arts.

Not everybody can get the Z+ security, people who have Z+ security in India are PM Narendra Modi, Uttar Pradesh’s CM Yogo Adityanath, and BJP President Amit Shah. NSG Commandon in Z+ security team are always equipped with MP5 guns, and ultra tech communication devices.



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