Uttar Pradesh prisons turn to AI-based video surveillance to monitor inmates


Law enforcement agencies of countries like US, and China have been using Artificial Intelligence (AI) and face recognition techniques to reduce criminal activities.

India, too, is now not far behind, with recent advancement of in-house technology, some Indian agencies have been seen using these technologies to monitor crowd and catch criminals. Gurgaon based start-up ‘Staqu’ has come up with their own facial recognition tool which is being used by Rajasthan, Punjab, and Uttar Pradesh (UP) police, aiding them in nabbing criminals.

This tool is said to have 99.6% accuracy rate, as claimed by Staqu, and uses AI Algorithms which was trained with the help of over 10 lakh criminal and violence videos.

Now Staqu developed an AI using Video Analytic Platform called Jarvis [We kept scratching our heads, as to from where did they get such a unique and innovative name (HAHAHAHA)], and Uttar Pradesh government has already deployed them in 70 of its prisons. Jarvis will use 700 CCTV cameras to monitor and assess violent activities, breaches/unauthorised access in prison area, crowd analysis, body search of prisoners and visitors and process of frisking of items bought by those visitors. Upon finding violations of any rules of the prison, the authorities will be notified.

Globally (including India) there has been rumours that not all the prisoners get the same treatment, some big-league criminals run their operations even after being behind the bars, these surveillance camera will clear out the picture a bit.

According to a report published by Tata Trusts in association with the Centre for Social Justice and many other Indian not for profit organisations, on an average every prison in India is over occupied by 14% as of December 2016. Additionally, in states like Uttar Pradesh and Madhya Pradesh the occupancy rate were 168% and 208% respectively. Furthermore, Indian prisons are under employed, on an average less than 80% of the position are filled. 

Recently Director General Prisons of Uttar Pradesh Anand Kumar was heard saying ‘We are glad to integrate a cutting-edge and advanced solution that will closely monitor and scrutinise all the activities that take place in a prison cell. As the digital wave spread across India, we require such smart and advanced solutions for ensuring complete security and wellbeing of the civil societies’.



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