Sony TV and Abitabh Bachchan faces major backlash over disrespecting Chhatrapati ‘Shivaji’ Maharaj

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On 6th of November 2019, during the episode of KBC (Kaun Banega Karodpati) Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj were addressed as just ‘Shivaji’ whereas earlier in the competition, the Mugal Emperor Aurangzeb was addressed as ‘Samrat’.

The show and its promoter Sony TV saw a major outlash on social media when the great Maratha rules was simply referred to as Shivaji as opposed to the counterpart being referred as ‘Maharaj’ Ranjeet Singh. BJP leader Nitesh Rane along with (Shri Rajput) Karni Sena called for a protest for this. Sony TV came in front for damage control by apologising and admitting to their mistake as #Boycott_KBC_SonyTv took over social media.

During the episode aired on 6th of November Amitabh Bachchan asked the question presented on the screen: ‘Which of these rulers was a contemporary of Mughal emperor Aurangzeb?’ and the options were ‘A) Maharana Pratap B) Rana Sanga C) Maharaja Ranjit Singh D) Shivaji’.

Not only had the option said Shivaji but Amitabh Bachchan also mentioned him as Shivaji instead of Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj.

Soon after the episode was aired, the social media was flooded with anger, saying the both the Sony TV and Bachchan have disrespected the Maratha ruler and demanded a sincere apology from the both of them.

Not just this outrage, but there was a poll as well wherein people said either they will continue to watch KBC or not

Seeing this, on the next day’s episode (November 7th) viewers saw a ticker ran by the channel saying ‘There was an inaccurate reference to Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj during yesterday’s episode, due to inadvertence. We deeply regret the same’.

The Show’s producer-director Siddhartha Basu went on Twitter saying ‘No insult or disrespect whatsoever was intended to the memory of Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj in a question on KBC 11. This season there have been a number of questions which have all used his name with the full title. Apologies for the inadvertent omission of title in the choice’.

Following this, even Abitabh Bachchan went on to twitter apologising for the same, saying ‘No disrespect meant at all .. apologies if it has hurt sentiments’.

BJP leader Nitesh Rane went ahead by saying that they must apologise for their mistake or the show will have no lifeline left with it to save themselves. In addition, Shri Rajpur Karni Sena submitted a letter in Bangur Nagar’s Police Station not only demanding strict action against alleged deformation of the Maratha ruler but also demanded a written apology from the channel itself.

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