“Urfi, your outfit is amazing”: Sunny Leone Showers Praises On Urfi Javed

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Kumkum Pattnaik
Kumkum Pattnaik
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On Splitsvilla 14, where Urfi Javed is a participant, her wardrobe choices garnered immense attention. The actress is the talk of the town for her relationships and friendships but more so for her fashion sense.

In a recent episode, Urfi made an appearance wearing a short black dress with two swans covering her breasts. Sunny Leone, the show’s host, couldn’t help but applaud Urfi. Sunny said that Urfi’s attire is stunning and ideal for the beach. It looks fantastic, and she adores Uorfi’s clothing choices.

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Urfi, who enjoys doing experiments with novel materials, responded, “I’m well known for my distinctive sense of style. “You can compete with me, but you can’t compete with my outfit.” Said Uorfi. She said that her outfits are always beyond people’s wildest dreams.

Not only Sunny but also co-host Arjun Bijlani was taken aback by Urfi’s attire and began singing “Chalo Ishq Ladaaye.” In a recent “Ask Me Anything” on Instagram, Urfi explicitly spoke about Splitsvilla and the bond she shares with Kashish Thakur.

Urfi responded when asked who her favourite finalists were. Urfi said that in terms of friends, she considered Kashish Thakur to be her favourite. “I really liked him. He is very close to my heart.” She added. She also said that Hamid Barkzi, Honey Kamboj and Soundous Moufakir were her most significant competitors in the show.

On the programme, Urfi also remarked on her journey. She described it as beautiful and bizarre. “I never thought I’d do Splitsvilla,” she said. She urged viewers to watch this specific season of Splitsvilla  since it will feature a never-before-seen event.

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