Twitter Will Soon Offer To Limit Replies And Conversation Participation

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Twitter is focusing on conversations and in its attempt to control the harassment faced by many users. For same, the social networking and microblogging website announced that it will soon come out with a feature giving the used 4 options which will allow them to put a check on who will participate in the conversations and threads.

At the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2020, in Las Vegas, Nevada, US, Suzanne Xie, Director Product Management, Twitter, said that the company will add a feature for “conversation participants” right at the compose option. The feature will come with 4 options – Global, Group, Panel, and Statement.

On Wednesday, Xie said that the first option – Global – will keep the conversation open for everyone, anyone can reply to the tweet.

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The second option – Group – will limit the ability of commenting and replying to the tweet to the people you follow and mention.

The third option – Panel – will restrict the conversation to the people who are included in the conversation, you mention in the tweet or thread(s).

The fourth option – Statement – will keep the conversation locked for everyone, nobody will be able to reply or comment on the tweet.

This means that Twitter users who, earlier, were forced to change their account to private to avoid bullies will no longer be harassed.

Twitter at CES 2020 New Feature

Apart for the above mentioned feature, Twitter plans on adding another feature for specific conversation view where the platform wishes to put everything of a conversation “on one screen”. The screen will have lines which will help a user to easily navigate through replies, along with call out authors.

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Xie said that this feature (interface) has been tested on “little t” public prototype (beta) application and will come on the main app soon.

What are your thoughts about the features?

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