Stuck On A Never-Ending Blind Date, Chinese Woman Documents Her Story

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Kumkum Pattnaik
Kumkum Pattnaik
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  • A Chinese woman identified by the surname Wang has been living with her bling date for almost a week now as a swift lockdown was imposed.
  • Wang has taken to Chinese social media sharing short videos describing the experience
  • “Love”, however, seems out of the question says Wang characterising his food to be “mediocre” with him being “mute as a mannequin”

A Chinese woman dining at her blind date’s residence got stuck for a week ahead of the city plunging into a Covid-19 lockdown. As of now, the woman is identified by the surname Wang through her social media posts documenting daily life at her date’s house. Just after Wang arrived in the central Chinese city of Zhengzhou, there was an outbreak and certain communities were put under lockdown.

Ms Wang revealed that she had been to Zhengzhou on a week-long trip to meet potential matches that her parents had arranged for her. Her family had introduced her to 10. This was her fifth date and he invited her over for dinner to flaunt his cooking skills. With nowhere to go amid the abrupt lockdown, Ms Wang began recording short videos on her daily routine and shared them on the Chinese social media platforms, WeChat and Weibo.

Wang, however, ruled out the possibility of love blossoming between them describing her date ‘as mute as a wooden mannequin’. She shared clips showing her date preparing meals for her which she described as ‘mediocre’, completing household chores and working on the laptop while she is asleep. Romance does not seem to be on the cards for this pair as Wang desires a more talkative partner. However, other than the fact that he does not speak much, Wang says everything else about him is pretty good. Despite his cooking skills being nothing to write home about, Wang states that his will to cook daily is worth appreciation.

Her videos on social media spread like wildfire and Wang said that the surge in popularity compelled her to remove the videos for the time being. Friends of her date have been calling him and the videos had begun to affect his life as well, added Wang.

There is no clarity on whether she is still stuck at her date’s house. Zhengzhou has reported over 100 Covid cases since the last week. China at the moment is battling to curb the surge in cases of Delta and Omicron variants.

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The central province of Henan which lies near Xi’an reported 87 new local cases and it is unclear as to how many of these are due to Omicron. Schools and non-essential businesses have been shut down in the provincial capital of Zhengzhou. Chinese authorities are on a stringent vigil after covid outburst in major cities just weeks ahead of the Beijing Winter Olympics scheduled to begin on 4th February.

Around 20 million people in China are confined to their homes after the cities of Anyang and Yuzhou joined Xi’an’s 13 million people under quarantine. They have been restricted to venture out of their home and have been banned from going out even for buying food.

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