Steve Harvey Exposed: Shirley Strawberry’s Shocking Comments in Leaked Jail Call

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  • In a shocking leaked jail call footage, Shirley Strawberry candidly discusses the lavish lifestyle of Steve and Marjorie Harvey, shedding light on their personal life in a way that has left readers astounded.
  • After the leaked jail call went public, Shirley Strawberry came forward to apologize to Steve and Marjorie Harvey during a The Steve Harvey Morning Show broadcast. 
  • Read more about Shirley’s emotional apology and its impact on Steve Harvey, who later addressed the situation on air. 

Shirley Strawberry’s Tape revealing her private discussion with her divorced husband about Steve and Marjorie recently went viral. 

The Steve Harvey Morning Show co-host Shirley Strawberry allegedly told her soon-to-be ex-husband Earnest “Earnesto” Williams during a jail call in October 2022 that Steve Harvey and his wife Marjorie Harvey lived a lavish lifestyle while those who worked for or with them did not have much.

Earnest Williams is presently serving time in jail in Atlanta’s Fulton County Jail for several offences, including child pornography, theft, possession of a firearm, and fraud involving a credit repair firm, according to Atlanta Blackstar.

Nevertheless, Shirley Strawberry faced a lot of criticism once the prison recording recently became viral. She was heard saying the following in the recording, among other things:

“It is what it is,” Marjorie Harvey said of how she views us as “the help.”

While Shirley Strawberry apologized to Steve Harvey and his wife over the situation, the comic sadly said:

It was a little bit different when [the phone calls] surfaced because it isn’t malicious hearsay, gossip, or a fabrication. Because we are an inside circle, it originated from within. We are related.

Shirley Strawberry’s phone call with the Harveys that was released came at a time when rumours of the couple’s impending separation due to adultery were rampant.

According to Shirley Strawberry, Steve Harvey’s wife was never pleased to have them in their home.

In October 2022, legendary radio anchor Shirley Strawberry was overheard telling husband Earnest Williams the specifics of his marital life during a private cell conversation at the Fulton County cell.

Following the recording’s recent social media release, there have been numerous rumours concerning Steve Harvey and Marjorie Harvey’s relationship and personal life.

In the exposed phone call, Strawberry was heard telling Williams about her latest visit to Steve Harvey’s house. She was originally heard boasting about his and his wife’s opulent lifestyle before implying that Steve was purportedly afraid of Marjorie:

“Marjorie has her own spa and exercise facility. She may visit there daily to receive massages. People visit her home to work out with her and do other things. Oh God, what a dream, I thought”.

Strawberry stated, “But they hardly ever go when Mrs Harvey is around as that often allegedly created an awkward situation,” adding that Steve was always glad to see them at his place and even kept inviting them.

She also mentioned that Marjorie wasn’t present at that time, allowing her to wander around the house and peek at things. Strawberry was overheard joking that she believed Steve was “afraid” of his wife and that Marjorie viewed all of Steve’s coworkers and employees as little more than help.

Shirley Strawberry came forward and apologized to Steve and Marjorie Harvey after the tapes were made public. Although she acknowledged that the call had been recorded, she claimed that she had never anticipated that her husband’s and her own private, informal talk would be made public.

Shirley actually apologized to Steve during a current episode of The Steve Harvey Morning Show.

“I want to apologize to you and Marjorie right now for what I said. How I wish I could take anything back. But I cannot. There is no way I was attempting to add to the current stress you and Majorie are experiencing in your lives.”

She continued by saying that she was “devastated” by what had occurred, wished it hadn’t, and that she had been dreading the time when she would have to confront Steve or possibly risk losing her job.

It’s interesting to note that Strawberry and Harvey have worked together on the morning radio show since 2005. In fact, Steve accompanied Shirley as she entered the church for her 2015 nuptials to Earnest Williams.

Steve Harvey responds to Shirley Strawberry’s alleged jail call and marriage-related rumours.

After Shirley Strawberry’s on-air apology, Steve Harvey talked about how the jail call that was leaked wounded him and his wife because it was not a malicious fabrication or an online rumour but rather a declaration from a member of his “inner circle.”

In addition, he stressed that it made no difference if Shirley was involved because the information was public and would eventually harm both his and his wife’s reputations. He then condemned all those who tried to defame his marriage during the previous few months. He complained that while he was used to being “beaten up” in public, this time Marjorie’s name had been brought up.

“I’m exhausted, even though we made a conscious effort and said we weren’t going to address it.”

He stated that he held no ill will towards Strawberry. His sole objective was to protect his wife from all the bad publicity. He warned that Marjorie’s reputation and marriage would also not be allowed to be attacked by the outside world.

“I married a good woman; she’s the wonderful thing that’s ever happened to me. She is a pious Christian who values loyalty and faithfulness. Who cares what anyone says?”

Following reports that Marjorie Harvey, 58, allegedly had an extramarital affair with her 16-year-old husband, Shirley Strawberry’s jail phone call was leaked. It was also said that the couple was moving toward separation. She and Steve, who is 66 years old, have all but denied these rumours, though.

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