Steve Harvey Opens Up: ‘Stop Talking About My Girl’

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Monika Ahuja
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  • Steve Harvey opens up about the recent leaked recording involving Shirley Strawberry, shedding light on the controversy and sharing his perspective.
  • He defends his wife, Marjorie Harvey, against rumours and criticism, emphasizing her character and their strong bond amidst the media scrutiny.
  • He reflects on his journey from financial hardship and personal challenges to achieving success, crediting his wife’s unwavering support.

He clarified his position following the recording of Shirley Strawberry, one of the hosts of his radio show, discussing Steve and Marjorie being leaked. 

Stephen Harvey is worn out. On September 11, he broadcast that message on his nationally broadcast radio show, The Steve Harvey Morning Show. It is to be noted that in August, he already officially denied that his wife, Marjorie Harvey, was having an affair with someone who worked for him. His most recent remarks, however, were most likely sparked by a leaked discussion from Shirley Strawberry, a member of his morning show staff, who was overheard talking negatively about the couple to her husband. 

Strawberry’s husband, Earnest Williams, was incarcerated at the time of the chat and is still there. He was confronted with charges of possessing a weapon as a felony, leading to a sentence of over two decades in prison. He was charged last year for engaging in fraudulent activities and child pornography. In a recorded discussion at the time she was trying to support Williams, she claimed Steve was “scared” by Marjorie and that Marjorie views the staff of his radio show as “the help.” 

The time allotted for Strawberry’s “Strawberry Letter” segment on Monday was therefore devoted to discussing the topic. “It wasn’t my intention to add to what you and Marjorie already have going on in your lives at this time, she said in her apology. However, given that these tapes were made public, everyone, including myself, appears to be after you. I affirm that the tapes have nothing to do with your relationship with Marjorie. It was just me talking incessantly during what I believed to be a private exchange. I Apologize. I’m miserable.” said Strawberry.

My intention was simply to initiate a conversation with him.” she continued. Attempting to divert his attention from his current location. She added that she hadn’t spoken to him in a while, indicating that divorce processes were in progress. Harvey appeared to accept her apologies entirely, directing any resentment toward the bloggers disparaging his wife through rumours, Strawberry’s leaked discussion, and the leakers of the recording. In exchange, he provided a compilation of specific information regarding his spouse and the dynamics of their relationship.

“My wife pleaded with me not to. Because she warned him that his detractors would “flip anything, you say in reverse,” as she put it. Nevertheless, you’re lying on my girl while doing it. You’re ripping away at her character,” he remarked, adding that despite the barrage of criticism, she was attempting to concentrate on having a new grandchild. 

I’m worn out. But she must be exhausted. The woman I married is the greatest blessing that has ever come into my life. She holds reverence for God and exemplifies qualities such as trustworthiness, loyalty, and faithfulness. She is not only affectionate but also kind-hearted.

He also refuted allegations of having a romantic involvement with Marjorie and abandoning his initial spouse, Mary Shackelford.

And quit talking about how she was in my other marriage and ruined it,” he said emphatically. “I got divorced in 2005. My marriage was over when Kings of Comedy came out. Y’all didn’t know that.”

He further commented that he was financially drained upon the conclusion of his second marriage. He had also experienced the loss of a TV show and a radio show during that period. Marjorie supported him as he attempted to rebuild his financial situation when they first started dating in 2006.

Steve expressed that both he and his wife didn’t come from wealthy backgrounds. They had to work hard for several years before achieving success with ventures like Family Feud, the release of Think Like a Man, and the launch of his talk show and radio show in 2012.

This woman joined me in digging the pit and constructing it. She did not commit any theft!

Detractors who thought they could sow discord between the couple failed. We have a more compact two-handed circle. That was very kind of you. The best woman I know is her. You can feel whichever you want about the fact that I am now defending her.

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