Rahul Gandhi Said He Won’t Apologise For His Comment “Rape In India”.

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Rahul Gandhi statement: Today Rahul Gandhi was scorned by the BJP in the Parliament for him making a commenting “Rape in India’ in an election rally. Gandhi deflected the same by saying, it is Prime Minister Narendra Modi who should be apologising. As Rahul Gandhi was not given a clear chance to respond to BJP today in the parliament he said “I will never apologise to these people, thank you”.

The 49 year old Congress leader accused the government that the only reason he is being targeted is because the government wants to divert people’s attention away from the major outbreak in form of protests that are underway in the NorthEastern states, especially Assam, over the Citizen (Ammendment) Bill (CAB) 2019. Post noon, today, Rahul Gandhi tweeted saying it is PM Modi who owes an apology. “Modi should apologise, for burning the North East, for destroying India’s economy, and for this speech, a clip of which I’m attaching”.

Rahul Gandhi Statement Over Rape In India

As he left the Parliament, Rahul Gandhi said “I have a clip on my phone where you can hear Modi calling Delhi ‘rape capital’ I am going to post that on Twitter, everyone can see it. The main agenda is that Modi and Amit Shah have burned North East. They are saying this about me to divert attention”. He said this before sharing the tweet from his Twitter handle.

The trigger for BJP’s attacks at Rahul Gandhi was a comment he made during the election rally in Jharkhand on Thursday where he said “Narendra Modi had said ‘Make in India’ but nowadays wherever you look, it is ‘Rape in India’”.

Today Rahul Gandhi clarified over the “Rape in India” comment he made and as to what he really meant by the statement, saying “I said Narendra Modi said there will be ‘Make In India’, we thought newspapers would have headline with ‘Make In India’, but when you open the papers, you only see ‘Rape in India’ everywhere”.

Rahul Gandhi said the states wherein BJP is in power are the worst hit by Rape Cases, pointing out the Unnao case in Uttar Pradesh he said, BJP’s MLA Kuldeep Sengar (now expelled) is not only accused of raping a teenager but also accused of trying to get the girl killed in a car accident. He added “Modi did not say a word. Modi uses violence. There is violence against women, violence in North East, violence in Kashmir”.

Delhi Court reserved the judgement over his case on Tuesday saying it will declare the judgement next week.

As he was addressing the reporters, he told them that he had met Former Governor of Reserve Bank of India (RBI), Raghuram Rajan. He said that the former chief of RBI gave him a bleak picture of what India’s image is abroad nowadays.Rahul Gandhi said “Our biggest strength was economy. I met Raghuram Rajan recently; he told me that no one in US, Europe is talking about India. No one is talking about the economy. Violence, division is all that is being spoken about. Our reputation is tarnished totally. Modi should answer why this reputation is lost”. Rahul Gandhi asked “why there is unemployment?”.

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