Prime Minister Modi’s Critique of Congress-Led INDIA Bloc’s Alleged Plan for Multiple Prime Ministers

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Monika Ahuja
Monika Ahuja
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During a recent campaign rally in Kolhapur, Maharashtra, Prime Minister Narendra Modi delivered a robust critique of the Congress-led INDIA bloc, shedding light on their purported contemplation of a “one year, one PM” formula should they assume power. This proposed strategy, as outlined by PM Modi, would witness five prime ministers leading the nation within five years, indicative of the opposition’s purported disarray regarding their choice for the prime ministerial role.

PM Modi’s Address:

Prime Minister Modi minced no words as he lambasted the opposition bloc, particularly targeting the Congress, for what he deemed a lack of coherence and consensus in their leadership approach. He underscored the opposition’s purported inability to garner sufficient electoral strength, asserting that they are far from being in contention for forming a government.

Rotational Chief Ministership:

Further delving into the alleged machinations of the Congress, PM Modi highlighted their purported strategy of rotating the post of chief minister in states such as Karnataka, Chhattisgarh, and Rajasthan. This rotational chief ministership tactic, as elucidated by PM Modi, was depicted as a political ploy rather than a genuine commitment to governance stability.

Reservation Politics:

PM Modi did not shy away from addressing contentious issues, accusing the Congress of harbouring intentions to tinker with the constitutional provisions pertaining to reservation benefits for Dalits and OBCs. He asserted that the Congress-led alliance’s agenda poses a threat to the principles of social justice.

Divisive Agenda:

Taking a broader swipe at the opposition’s shift in strategy, PM Modi alleged that they have resorted to divisive and anti-national agendas as a response to their inability to counter the NDA’s developmental record effectively. He pointed to their stance on critical issues like the Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA) and the revocation of Article 370 as evidence of their departure from developmental politics.

Football Analogy:

In a bid to elucidate the electoral landscape, PM Modi employed a football analogy, likening the NDA’s electoral success in the initial phases to a commanding lead in a football match. This analogy resonated with the local populace, given Kolhapur’s affinity for the sport.

Appeal to Voters:

PM Modi concluded his address with a fervent appeal to the electorate, urging them to reject the purportedly divisive politics espoused by the Congress-led INDIA bloc. He reiterated the NDA’s commitment to development and national unity, positioning them as the preferred choice for governance.

PM Modi’s scathing critique of the Congress-led INDIA bloc’s alleged plan for multiple prime ministers underscored the broader electoral dynamics at play. As the electoral contest intensified, his address served to galvanize support for the NDA while spotlighting the purported shortcomings of the opposition’s leadership approach. He also added that the Congress-led bloc has only one agenda and that is ‘sarkar banao, note kamao’ (form a government and earn money).

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