Progress Made In Latest Border Talks With India Says China

India China Border Talks Making Progress Claims China


  • India China border talks productive says China
  • Top commanders of both countries held 4th round of talks on Tuesday

India and China are making good progress with their talks on a long-running border dispute which turned violent last month said a Chinese spokesperson, today.

The top commanders from both the countries held their fourth round of talks on Tuesday which was one month after the violent and deadly clash between the soldiers of Indian and Chinese Armies in the Galwan Valley of Ladhak where India is building a strategic road which will connect the region to an airstrip close to China.

India claims that 20 of its soldiers were martyred in the violent clash of 15th June and that there were Chinese casualties as well, however, China did not confirm any deaths from their side.

Hua Chunying, a spokesperson of the Chinese Foreign Ministry said, “The two sides have made positive progress on pushing forward the disengagement of the front-line troops on the western section of the border and easing the border tension,” during a daily briefing on Wednesday.

Chunying said there is a need for concrete actions from India to implement the consensus of the two countries have reached and jointly safeguard peace and tranquillity at the border.

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The Defence Ministry of India or the Indian Army did not comment on the same.

Just last week, The Union Minister of External Affiairs, Subrahmanyam Jaishankar said that both India and Chinese forces are disengaging from the standoff along the countries’ un-demarcated border.

Jaishankar added that it is still a work in progress thing and said that both the countries have agreed on the need to disengage owing the troops deployed are very close to each other.

The disputed border, known as the Line of Actual Control, covers up around 3,500 kilometres (or 2,175 miles) of frontier and stretches from Ladakh in North India to the Indian state of Sikkim in the NorthEast.

India and China also fought a border war in 1962 that spilled into Ladakh. The two countries have been trying to settle their border dispute since the early 1990s, however, no success have been attained.


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