Viral: Newlywed Couple’s Pet Dog Steals The Show By Crashing Their First Dance At Their Wedding

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  • The video was posted on an Instagram page on 5th December. 
  • It has gained over 92,000 views.
  • A dog dressed in a tuxedo is seen disrupting a couple’s wedding day dance.

A newlywed couple had their first dance after their gorgeous wedding. Of course, the pair looked stunning, with the husband dressed in a black tuxedo and the lady in a white off-shoulder gown. Though their dance was spectacular, it was their dog who stole the show. Their pet dog also wanted to join them on the dais because, after all, it was delighted about the wedding. Over 92,000 people have seen the viral video.

The married pair can be seen dancing together on the dais in the now-viral footage. As everyone applauded for them, they appeared to be having a good time together. Then their furry friend chose to disrupt their private moment. It just landed in between them, and the audience busted out laughing. The video was posted on the Instagram account Proposals & Weddings. The moment is too adorable to give it a miss.

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“Ummm excuse me…I’d like to dance too!” (sic),” read the video caption.

Check out the video here:

The video of the married couple and their dog went viral on the internet. “Lmaooo, this is something my toddler would pull (sic),” said one person. “Equivalent to children at a wedding (sic),” said another.

Have a look at more comments below:

Awwdorable, isn’t it?

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