PM Modi Comments On Rahul Gandhi’s Fisheries Ministry Remark Says “I Was Shocked”

PM Modi Comments On Rahul Gandhi’s Fisheries Ministry Remark Says “I was shocked”


  • Congress leader Rahul Gandhi said India does not have a Fisheries Ministry
  • PM Modi, in Puducherry, said “I was shocked” at Rahul Gandhi’s remark
  • The NDA Government set up the Fisheries Ministry in 2019

On Thursday, Prime Minister of India, Narendra Modi attacked Congress, especially its senior leader Rahul Gandhi over his remarks on creating a fisheries ministry at the Centre.

Prime Minister Modi also expressed “shock” over the remarks from Rahul Gandhi claiming there is no “dedicated” fisheries ministry at the Centre, adding that the currently in power NDA Government had set up the fisheries ministry in 2019 and that even its budgetary allocation has substantially gone up ever since.

PM Modi said, “I was absolutely shocked to hear a Congress leader come and say they want to start a fisheries ministry because there is none. The truth is that it already exists,” and added, “The current NDA government has already set up a fisheries ministry back in 2019 itself”.

Prime Minister was referring to the string of remarks made by Gandhi who visited Puducherry and Kerala earlier. Gandhi, on the 17th of February, had said that the fishermen, the “farmers of the sea”, needed a separate ministry.

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PM Modi also attacked the Congress’ erstwhile government in Puducherry where he said that the V Narayanasamy led dispensation had “different priorities” than public welfare and flayed the party leader Rahul Gandhi over his recent “north-south” remarks.

Hitting out at the “Congress culture” at a public meeting in the poll-bound Union Territory (UT), PM Modi said that people were witness to it in the last five years.

In an apparent reference to Gandhi’s latest “noth-south” remark which the Saffron party opposed strongly, PM Modi said, “Our colonial rulers had the policy of divide and rule. Congress has a policy of divide, lie and rule. Sometimes their leaders put region against region… community against community”.

On Tuesday, when Congress leader Rahul Gandhi visited Kerala, he said that he was used to a very “different type of politics” in North India and coming to the southern part of the country was “very refreshing” as people are interested in “issues”.

Asserting that the people of the UT did not deserve a “high command” government which would serve a few Congress leaders, Modi assured that the NDA government, if voted in the coming elections, would treat people as its high command.

In The Union territory, the Prime Minister of India will be inaugurating a slew of development projects especially in the run-up to the assembly polls which will be held in April-May.

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