Odd-Even returns in Delhi: Dates, rules, and fines follows!

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Delhi’s CM Arvind Kejriwal announced that Odd-Even rule will be implemented from 4th of November till 15th of November. Violators will pay a hefty fine of Rs. 4,000.

As air quality of Delhi worsens, Delhi’s CM Arvind Kejriwal announced the return of Odd-Even traffic rule in Delhi, this time it will last for 12 days starting from 4th of November. He said ‘Odd-even scheme will be implemented from 4th November to 15th November. The scheme will also include vehicles coming from other states, and only be implemented on non-transport 4-wheeled vehicles, 2-wheelers will be exempted, and vehicles carrying school children’.

Odd-Even rule will only be applicable from 8:00 am to 8:00 pm in Delhi with Sundays kept as an exception. People found violating the rule will be slapped with a fine of Rs. 4,000, which is double the fine imposed last time this rule was implemented from January to April in 2016.

Delhi will be seeing the third implementation of Odd-Even rule. Cab companies like Uber has already formed their model for this time frame. The company announced that it will deactivate surcharges during Odd-Even rule.

Who all are given exemption:

President, Vice-President, Governors, Speaker of Lok Sabha, Prime Minister, CJI, Union Ministers, Rajya and Lok Sabha Leaders of Opposition, CMs of states and UTs, UPSC Chairperson, Chief Election Commissioner, Supreme Court Judges, CAG, Election Commissioners, Deputy Chairman Rajya Sabha and Lok Sabha, Lt. Governor of Delhi, Lokayutas, Judges of Delhi High Court, Women only Vihicles, and Vehicles carrying School Students.

Kejriwal made a clear point that Delhi’s CM and other Delhi government ministers are not exempted from this rule. Additionally, vehicles entering from other states like UP, and Haryana will not be exempted.

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