Nirav Modi request bail over Depression and Anxiety

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Indian diamond merchant Nirav Modi who is wanted in India over the connection in the PNB (Punjab National Bank) fraud and money laundering case of nearly US$ 2 billion, has now requested for a bail from his ongoing detention in London prison.

48 year old Nirav Modi is currently fighting an extradition case to India has filed his fifth bail plea since his extradition warrant that was issued in March 2019. The reason he gave in his bail application are anxiety and depression, yeah, you read it correct, he is going through ‘Depression’ and hence should not be extradited. 

His bail request will be heard before the Westminster Magistrates’ Court on the 6th of November in London. It is assumed that Modi will not physical appear in the court and will make his presence via videolink, but if the court officials finds it necessary he can be asked to come in person to the hearing.

Previously, Modi’s legal team appealed for bail on the grounds of ‘Prison being too overcrowded and severe condition’. Earlier this year, Modi appealed for bail over troubled state of mind at the UK High Court, however, the documents and specifics were kept confidential on court’s orders.

In June 2019, during the hearing in the Royal Courts of Justice, London, Barrister Clare Montgomery said ‘The circumstances he has had to endure at Wandsworth have been personally difficult and the confidential exhibits reflect the experience that has marked him deeply’.

She added, ‘The reality is that he is not the cold-blooded hardened criminal as claimed by the government of India but a jewellery designer from a long line of diamond dealers, and regarded as being honest, careful and reliable’. Additionally, there have been number of people who are willing to oath, offer sureties and even willing to pay huge sum of money to back up Modi on the claim that Modi does not plan to run away.

Though, Justice Ingrid Simler concluded that the court has found ‘substantial grounds’ to consider the possibility wherein Modi could fail to surrender and even has the means to ‘abscond’.

Going over the similar concerns that were previously raised by the Westminster Magistrates’ Court, Justice Simler passed the judgement after reviewing all the materials ‘carefully’, she found some strong evidences which pointed out that the witnesses associated with the case were influenced and meddled with, along with destruction of evidences, and said there are chances that it can occur again.

There is no pre-determined limit on how many times Modi can apply for a bail, his latest bail application will be heard on 6th of November. His regular remand hearing is scheduled on the 11th of November via videolink from his prison.

In October, Justice Nina Tempia said the Modi’s extradition trails will be scheduled between 11th and 15th of May next year and Modi will be reappearing via videolink every 28 days until February 2020.

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