BJP Candidate Sonali Phogat accuses sister and brother-in-law of death threats and assault!!

Tik Tok sensation and recent BJP candidate from Adampur for Haryana Assembly elections has accused her sister and brother-in-law over alleged physical assault and death threats.

After Sonali’s complaint, a case have registered by the police against Rukesh (sister) and Aman Puniya (brother-in-law) as per the relevant sections of IPC (Indian Penal Code).

Sadar Police Station’s SHO (Station House Officer), Prahlad Singh said, ‘We have received a complaint on behalf of Sonali Phogat, where she has accused Rukesh Aman Puniya of assaulting and giving her life threats’.

According the the complaint, Sonali has claimed that on Tuesday night at her place in Bhuthan Kalan village where she arrived to meet the party workers.

SHO of Sadar police station said, ‘Her sister and brother-in-law had also come to see her and during a quarrel, they gave death threats. The accused will be arrested soon and further action will be taken’.

It was told by the police officials that the clash had no political reasons, in fact, it occurred because of a personal, family argument.



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