New Omicron Virus Subtype Discovered In China As Daily Covid-19 Cases Exceed 13,000

China Discovers New Omicron Virus Subtype As Daily Cases Exceed 13,000


  • On Saturday, over 12,000 of the cases recorded across the country were asymptomatic. 
  • Since mid-February 2020, this is the country’s highest daily infection tally.
  • Shanghai accounted for around 70% of the national caseload, according to the commission, which conducted widespread testing on 25 million citizens.

More than 13,000 new Covid-19 infections were reported in China, with one case infected with a new subtype of the omicron type, according to state media.

Global Times stated that the new iteration of the virus, which was found in a mild Covid-19 patient in a city less than 70 kilometres (43 miles) from Shanghai, evolved from the BA.1.1 branch of the omicron variant, citing sequencing data from local health authorities. According to the report, the subtype does not match other coronaviruses that cause Covid in China or those submitted to GISAID (Global Initiative on Sharing Avian Influenza Data), where scientists from all around the world share coronavirus sequences to monitor mutations.

A case reported on Friday in Dalian, northern China, did not match any coronavirus detected in the country, according to the municipal government’s WeChat account.

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On Saturday, over 12,000 of the cases recorded across the country were labelled as asymptomatic.

Since mid-February 2020, this is the country’s highest daily infection tally.

According to the commission, Shanghai accounted for almost 70% of the national caseload after mass testing the city’s 25 million citizens.

Vice Premier Sun Chunlan arrived in Shanghai, the country’s virus hotspot, to monitor preventative measures, and she instructed officials to stop the outbreak “as soon as possible,” according to Xinhua.  On Saturday, the number of cases in the financial hub surpassed 8,000, including 7,788 asymptomatic infections. Authorities in Shanghai have announced that a fresh round of mass testing will begin on Monday.

Sun, who had earlier been to Jilin to monitor lockdown measures in the northeast province, has directed Shanghai officials to “resolutely” conduct measures to stop the spread. All 25 million citizens of the metropolis are currently under some type of quarantine.

According to a post on an official WeChat account, officials in Sanya, Hainan province, have banned all transportation to halt the spread of Covid.

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