Microsoft Japan increases productivity by giving free holiday to employees

Japan is a country known for people dedicated to work, come on we all have heard when the workers boycott or go on a strike, instead of not working, they work extra hours and over manufacture things which increases the inventory and overhead expenses of the company.

Now in a country like Japan, Microsoft introduced a Work-Life Choice Challenge Summer 2019 under its ‘Working Reform Project’ wherein the employees were given a three day weekend. In August 2019, as this project was implemented, all 2,300 full time employees of Microsoft Japan were given off from Friday, without deducting their pay or reducing their leaves.

In the project, apart from giving an extra day in weekend holiday, company asked employees not to stretch any meeting for more than 30 minutes, and encouraged virtual meetings over face to face meetings. The number of meetings per employee were restricted to 5.

Now, people will think that this would hamper company’s productivity, but surprisingly, Microsoft Japan’s productivity increased by 40% for the month, not only this, the company saved 23% on electricity, saw a decline of 25% in employees taking leaves, and saved 50% on use of paper due to meetings happening online. The employees also saved on travelling by this.

The firm said it is planning to bring back this project as over 90% of its employees support this idea.

What do you think? Should this project be absorbed and implemented by your company?

Tell us down in the comments, and don’t forget to share it up with your boss.



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