Delhi Police vs Lawyers, the chaos seems unstoppable!

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On 2nd of November, one month after Mahatma Gandhi’s birthday a fracas broke out between Delhi police and Lawyers at the Tis Hazari court.

Latest News: Today thousands of police officers protested in front of the Police Headquarters demanding an action from the higher ups of the Delhi Police on the incident that took place on Saturday in the Tis Hazari court.

Amulya Patnaik, Delhi Police Commissioner did appear in front of the protesting police personnel for a brief moment, requesting them to ‘return to duty’. He said, ‘On Saturday, senior officers who were present at that time (in Tis Hazari court) upheld the tradition of Delhi police and did their duty. In the initial enquiry, findings will be done fairly, so please be patient and calm. I request you to please return to your duty points and continue to uphold the values of Delhi police’.

Union Home Ministry has already received a preliminary report on Saturday’s incident.

It is being said that the reason behind the brawl between the two was over a small reason, a lawyer had parked his car outside the gate of police station gate from where prisoners are boarded on the bus to take them to the court for trails. Allegedly the policeman and the lawyer had an argument after which police took him inside the station and beat him brutally. After hearing about the incident the lawyers in the court came out and the fracas broke out.

Even if this story is true, do you think Lawyers are doing the right thing? We mean, they are lawyers, they could have sued the police officers, but they are mocking the law they use in the courtrooms.

Police vehicles including buses, motorbikes and a jeep were set on fire by the lawyers.

Lawyers have been seen hitting even the general public, recently a rikshaw driver making a video of lawyers protesting was beaten with his shirt was torn off.

Yesterday, a video surfaced wherein a man was seen assaulting a Delhi Policeman on his motorbike, the incident happened outside the District court Saket.

Policemen are sharing photos showing what they are going through:

What are your thoughts on this incident, tell us in the comments!!

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