Here is Why Indian Companies are Turning to Covid-19 Antiviral Pills

Pharma Companies Focus On Oral Covid-19 Pills, Including Pfizer’s Paxlovid To Fight Virus


  • Pfizer’s success story on Oral antiviral, Paxlovid’s results. The company soon plans to propose Emergency Use Authorization of the new drug in the US.
  • Indian pharma companies switch focus to antivirals intending to develop natively manufactured oral pills at affordable prices.
  • Cipla and Sun Pharma have tied up with Merck’s antiviral pill, Molnupiravir, which will be launched following regulatory authorization.

Oral antiviral pills for Covid-19 are the new centre of attention and pharma giants including Dr Reddy’s Cipla, Sun Pharma, and BDR Pharma are shifting focus to indigenously manufactured affordable oral pills, following the recent success of Pfizer’s new drug, Paxlovid.

It is anticipated that the new drugs could turn out to be potential game-changers in the treatment of mild to moderate infections and make up for a huge market given the endemic stage f the virus in certain countries.

Pfizer’s recent announcement highlighting the positive results of the oral antiviral candidate, Paxlovid has drawn attention from pharma industries. Paxlovid was found notably effective in minimising hospitalization and death. The company intends to submit the data to get Emergency use Authorization in the US at the earliest.

This American multinational pharmaceutical company aims to imminently expedite safe and effective oral antiviral across the globe at economical prices once the authorization is received.

The fir, on Tuesday, tied up with Medicines Patent Pool (MPP), backed by the US to get a license for Paxlovid in 95 countries inclusive of India. MPP has sent out global invitations to generic companies for communication and soon intends to sub-license the manufacturing and sale of Paxlovid, an amalgam of an experimental pill (PF-07321332) and Ritonavir, an HIV drug.

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Significant pharmaceutical organisations like Cipla and Sun Pharma of India endeavour to speed up admittance of new drugs to treat the virus indicating that they would consider all options.

 The former companies have also established ties with Merck for its antiviral pill, Molnupiravir, which is scheduled to be introduced at an affordable price post regulatory nod. On account of the acute competition, industry experts predict the cost for the five-day course to be around Rs. 1200-1500.

Presently, Ireland, Germany and Italy possess the manufacturing facilities for Pfizer’s antiviral pill.


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