China Is Fighting The Spread Of Its Biggest COVID-19 Outbreak Caused By Delta Variant

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  • More Chinese provinces are combating Covid-19 than at any other time since the fatal virus first appeared in Wuhan in 2019.
  • In China, 1,308 cases of domestically transmitted infections were recorded.
  • As of November 14, mainland China has reported 98,315 confirmed cases of Covid-19.

According to numbers released on Monday, China is combating the spread of its biggest COVID-19 outbreak caused by the Delta strain, with tourists from a city where cases have spread faster than elsewhere in the country subject to strict quarantine regulations in nearby areas.

According to Chinese officials, 32 new domestically transmitted infections with proven symptoms were recorded on November 14, the majority of which occurred in northeastern Dalian city. According to Reuters calculations based on government data, this raises the total number of local infections since Oct. 17 to 1,308, exceeding the 1,280 local cases from a summer Delta outbreak.

This is China’s biggest outbreak due to Delta virus, affecting 21 provinces, municipalities and regions. While the outbreak is less than in many other countries, Chinese officials are eager to stop any more transmissions in accordance with the government’s zero-tolerance policy.

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In the ongoing outbreak, a dozen province-level regions were able to manage their flare-ups within weeks due to the swift adoption of a sophisticated set of restrictions, including strict contact tracing, the closure of entertainment and cultural venues, restrictions on tourism and public transportation and multiple rounds of testing of people in high-risk areas.

According to Wu Liangyou, a National Health Commission official, Dalian is still battling the virus.

According to Reuters estimates, since the first local symptomatic patients from the latest outbreak were reported on Nov. 4, Dalian, with a population of 7.7 million (75 lakh) people, is said to have detected an average of 24 new local cases every day, which is highest compared to any other Chinese city.

In an extreme precaution, a few cities bordering Dalian, notably Anshan, Shenyang, and Dandong, have mandated that individuals arriving from Dalian be quarantined at centralised facilities for 14 days before being allowed to move freely.

As of November 14, mainland China had registered 98,315 confirmed COVID-19 cases, both domestically and internationally. There have been 4,636 deaths.

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