Government to for in Maharashtra, CM from Shiv Sena

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Yesterday Shiv Sena, NCP, and Congress leaders finalised a 40 point Common Minimum Programme (CMP) and was sent to the senior leaders of the three political parties. Today it was said that the Chief Minister of Maharashtra will be appointed from the Shiv Sena party and will serve in the office for full 5 years. The government will be formed with alliance of Shiv Sena, National Congress Party (NCP), and the Indian National Congress Party (Congress Party).

One Deputy Chief Minister will be appointed from both NCP and the Congress party. Both Shiva Sena and NCP will get 14 ministers whereas Congress will get 14 ministers.

The CMP of these three parties’ will be focusing on issues faced by both farmers and youths, however, there was no mention of issues related to Hindutva, which is a shocker as Shiv Sena has been fighting elections all their life on account of Hindutva.

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On the coming weekend, leaders of Congress and NCP will conduct a meeting, Sonia Gandhi and Sharad Pawar respectively.

Though majority of the issues have been mutually resolved, there are 2 major issues that are yet to be resolved. Firslt one being Shiv Sena has demanded the Bharat Ratna for Vinayak Damodar Savarkar (Veer Savarkar), and secondly, NCP and Congress both have asked to a 5% reservation for Muslim population.

On Tuesday (12th November 2019) President’s Rule was implemented in the state (Maharashtra) as the Governor informed the centre that even after giving time a government couldn’t be formed.

BJP and Shiva Sena won the majority seats in 2019’s Maharashtra Assembly Election with securing 105 and 56 seats respectively, NCP and Congress got 54 and 44 seats respectively. But as Shiv Sena demanded equal tenure of Chief Ministership from BJP, their alliance fell apart.



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