From Valentine Week 2023 to Anti Valentine Week, Check What Exactly Each Day Holds

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Valentine’s Day is something that needs no introduction and is celebrated by couples all around the globe. Valentine’s Day, which is celebrated on the 14th of February every year, however, the day is preceded by 7 more days which makes the Valentine Week. People celebrating the Valentine Week 2023 shall celebrate it as follows:

  • 7th February 2022, Monday, is the Rose Day
  • 8th February 2022, Tuesday, is the Propose Day
  • 9th February 2022, Wednesday, is the Chocolate Day
  • 10th February 2022, Thursday, is the Teddy Day
  • 11th February 2022, Friday, is the Promise Day
  • 12th February 2022, Saturday, is the Hug Day
  • 13th February 2022, Sunday, is the Kiss Day

After the week, on the 14th February 2022, Monday comes the Valentine’s Day

Did you know that Valentine’s Week is followed by Anti Valentine’s Week? More about it in the article, but first let us take a look at the Valentine’s Week.

Valentine’s Day, 14th February, is celebrated in the memory of Saint (St.) Valentine, thus getting the name Valentine’s Day. There are a lot of many martyrdom stories that revolve around the celebration of Valentine’s Day, but the one that stands out the most is where St. Valentine performed the wedding ritual soldiers who were prohibited to marry for which he was executed. To honor his death and what caused his death, valentine’s day was bought into existence by Pope Gelasius in 496 AD.

Earlier, Valentine’s Day was celebrated in the West, countries like the UK, US, France and more, in recent times, it has made its way into countries like India as well.

Let us take a look into Valentine Week 2022 in detail.

1. Rose Day

Rose Day 2020

Valentine Week starts off with Rose Day which is on the 7th of February every year. On this day people present rose(s) to their loved once in a display of their love to the other person. A Red Rose is presented as it signifies love and romance. The White Rose denotes new beginnings and is often regarded as bridal flower. If it is a new relationship/ marriage, you can give a mix of White and Red Roses. The Yellow Rose symbolizes friendship.

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2. Propose Day

Propose Day 2020

8th February is the Propose Day. Generally, on this day, people propose their loved ones either for a relationship or for the wedding and stay together with love and joy. This is the second day of Valentine’s Week.

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3. Chocolate Day

Chocolate Day

This is the third day of Valentine Week and is celebrated on the 9th February of every year. As told by the name, the day is celebrated by gifting chocolate(s) to the person you love. However, gifting them to your friends and family is also followed by a number of people.

4. Teddy Day

Teddy Day 2020

10th February comes as the Teddy Day and is the fourth day in Valentine’s Week. On this day, people, generally men, gift stuffed toys, generally teddy bears, to their loved one. It does not take research to know that girls love stuffed toys, or at least the majority of them do.

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5. Promise Day

Promise Day 2020

The fifth day of Valentine’s Week is celebrated as the Promise Day on the 11th of February of each year. People promise each other all sorts of things that they want to do, individually or together. However, we advise that promises should be realistic and made with pure soul and heart.

6. Hug Day

Hug Day 2020

12th February of every year marks the sixth day of Valentine’s Week and is celebrated as Hug Day. A hug can prove your love in the purest form so give your loved one the bear-est hug and shower them with hugs all day long, after all, it is the Hug Day.

7. Kiss Day

Kiss Day 2020

The last and the seventh day in Valentine’s Week is Kiss Day and is celebrated on the 13th of February each year. Remember, love is not about words, it is about feelings. Kissing your loved one, especially on the forehead, will show that you truly care.

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Finally comes Valentine’s Day on the 14th of February. All the build-up for this one day. Couples like to spend some quality time together, make sure you treat yourselves with some special time, a romantic walk on the beach, romantic lunch/ dinner. Something that really stands out.

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Coming to the Anti Valentine’s Week, as we promised, as ironic as it may sound, starts from the 15th of February every year.

Anti Valentine Week 2022 will kick off from Monday, 15th February. Anti Valentine Week was only created in humor and has become a thing now. Where Valentine Week is full of romantic things, Anti Valentine Weekends up with a breakup. Anti Valentine Week was only made out for the purpose of enjoyment and hence should not be taken into any other sense.

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Anti Valentine Week comprises of the following days

  • 15th February 2022, Tuesday, is the Slap Day
  • 16th February 2022, Wednesday, is the Kick Day
  • 17th February 2022, Thursday, is the Perfume Day
  • 18th February 2022, Friday, is the Flirt Day
  • 19th February 2022, Saturday, is the Confession Day
  • 20th February 2022, Sunday, is the Missing Day
  • 21st February 2022, Monday, is the Breakup Day

The Anti Valentine Week which starts after Valentine’s Week ending on the 14th February every year is not known by many. It is unknown as to how and when the Anti Valentine Week came to be but was made as a spin-off or parody to Valentine’s Week by people who do not believe that love should be shown for just 1 week.

Let us take a look at the Days that make Anti Valentine Week and their significance that are generally associated with them:

8. Slap Day

Slap Day 2020

The first day of the Anti Valentine Week is celebrated on the 15th of February and comes right after Valentine’s Day. There is no such history but it is generalized that after Valentine’s Day, the relation starts going South, and fights start happening.

9. Kick Day

Kick Day 2020

Celebrated on the 16th of February every year, it is the second day in the Anti Valentine Week. Kick day, like Slap Day, signifies the fights taking in a relationship and how people can become aggressive with arguments.

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10. Perfume Day

Perfume Day 2020

The third day of the Anti Valentine Week is Perfume Day and is celebrated on the 17th of February 2022. What the day signifies is that when you do not get love and happiness in the relationship, you learn to make your self happy by shopping and smelling good.

11. Flirt Day

flirt day 2020

The fourth day in the Anti Valentine Week which is celebrated on the 18th of February every year signifies that as the relationship goes sour, people look for other people and flirt with people they have a crush on or with people who have a crush on them.

12. Confession Day

Confession Day 2020
Image Source – Bee Bulletin

19th of February comes as the fifth day of the Anti Valentine Week as confession day. And there is a reason why it is right after the flirt day, and we expect many of you already know why! It is the day when a person confesses his/ her emotions about the relationship.

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13. Missing Day

Missing Day 2020

Come 20th February, comes the missing day, the sixth day, in the Anti Valentine Week. This day is very emotional as it signifies that people miss the time of their relationship when they were happy, they bonded and felt loved and cared. This is a rather emotional day for people.

14. Breakup Day

Breakup Day 2020

On the 21st February comes the seventh day of the Anti Valentine Week. On this day a lot of people take hard decision about their relationship. People who believe that their relationship is beyond repair decide to end things.

The Anti Valentine Week is nothing more than a parody of the Valentine Week and should be taken lightly. Also, in the end, whether you are committed or single you can choose to celebrate both Valentine Week and Anti Valentine Week as long as there is joy.

With this, we wish you a very happy Valentine’s Week 2022 and obviously a witty Anti Valentine Week 2022.

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