Watch: Adorable Reaction Of Nieces On Knowing That Their Favourite Aunt Is Transgender Goes Viral

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Kumkum Pattnaik
Kumkum Pattnaik
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Revealing the gender following transition can seem like a daunting task for many. The fear of being judged always lingers in the mind of transgender persons and throttles their spirit. Open communication and compassion, however, provide space for acceptance. The same was demonstrated by two kids whose reactions were precious when their “favourite aunt” told them she was transgender.

A transgender person named Britney P. Neang took to Instagram and posted a touching video of her two nieces paying close attention to her. The kids are seen tearing up when Neang tells them she is a transgender person. One of them hugs her while holding her tenderly and falling into her chest. Her words evidently have a profound impact on the kids.

Neang shared the video on Instagram and penned a touching note. She mentioned in her letter of love for her nieces that they mean the world to her and that she has been raising them as if they were her own. She wanted to share her most important secret before leaving the residence.  She has been waiting for the kids to mature so they comprehend what she is saying.

She remarked, “my niece brought tears to my eyes when she said ‘I feel bad for you’ I told her don’t feel bad for Aunty.” Neang feels blessed to be the aunt to two lovely nieces, and her being transgender won’t alter that fact. “Until this day, they always call me on FaceTime and tell me about school and etc. :),” she added.

Neang’s Instagram bio reads that she is a transgender American woman from New Jersey. The video has received more than 9,37,000 views and more than 37,000 likes on Instagram since it was posted a week ago.

Netizens were emotional after seeing the reaction of the two young children, and one of the users commented that adults must imbibe the qualities of being non-judgemental from children. “Kids just get it! Curiosity and wonder, but never judge. So many adults could learn a thing or two from kids,” the person wrote.

Another user remarked that the way in which the kids are listening with an abundance of care in their eyes is a clear indication of how important their aunt is to them.

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