FIFA President swears to take strict actions against racism

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Gianni Infantino, FIFA President said in a press conference ‘We need to send strong messages, that if there are racists that abuse the soccer players we have to stop the game… We cannot let the racists win, there is no place for racism in society and there is no place for racism in soccer’

Infantino who visited Dhaka, capital of Bangladesh, was retorting to the incident took place in Sofia, Bulgaria during England’s Euro 2020 qualifier match against Bulgaria. The match has to be stopped twice due to the racist hymns against the English players.

Bulgarian police even detained and arrested 4 fans over the racist activities during the match which ended with England’s victory 6 to 0.

Boyko Borissov Bulgarian Prime Minister also condemned it.

Infantino said ‘We have to speak about it (racism), we have to educate, we have to educate our youths, our children and those who are a bit older as well’.

FIFA President denied any concerns over stadiums going empty in the World Cup that will be help in Qatar in 2022. The question came up because during the Athletics World Championship help in Persian Gulf country, the administration found it difficult to fill the stadiums.

Infantino pointed out ‘The tournament (World Cup) will actually be played in November-December, (November 21 till December 18) which is different compared to the Athletics World Championship, which was organised in September’. 

He specified that since the world cup will take place in Novermer-December which will be ‘idead’ for soccer.

Infantino stated that the temperatures in November-December in Qatar were “ideal” for soccer, adding that players would be also at the top of their form in that time period. He added, “It is not like in June and July when they come exhausted from a very long season. I am sure in Qatar we will witness, from a technical point of view, the very best World Cup ever’.

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