Facebook Will Allow Work From Home Until The End Of 2020

Work From Home To Be Allowed Till End Of 2020 For Its Employees


  • Facebook has decided to allow majority of its employees to Work From Home until the end of 2020
  • It currently employs more than 48,000 employees

The US Based tech giant and owner of WhatsApp messaging application, Facebook, has decided to allow the majority of its workforce to Work From Home at least until the end of 2020.

As of now, the officers have not been resumed as the company plans to reopen its offices from July 2020.

As per the report published by CNBC, Facebook will reopen its offices from the 6th of July. However, it will limit the number of employees which will come to the office. The company claims that it is currently is in the process of identifying the employees which will be needed to report to the office.

As of now, Facebook employs more than 46,000 people which is an increase of 28% year-over-year.

Since early March, Facebook has made it mandatory for its employees to work from home while it claimed that it will still continue to pay hourly employees who might not have the luxury to be able to work due to reduced staffing, office closures and if they are sick.

The report from CNBC also states that Mark Zuckerberg, who is the Co-founder and the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Facebook, may announce the company’s office reopening plan in an official statement soon.

The company has already cancelled all physical conferences and events which it had planned with 50 or more people until June of 2021.

This also includes the Oculus Connect 7 Virtual Reality conference in San Jose.

However, Zuckerberg claims that a few of these events will be organised as virtual events. He said, “We will share more details on that soon. Similarly, we’re extending our policy of no business travel through at least June of this year as well,” in a statement recently.

In its earning calls at the end of last month, the company claimed that the novel Coronavirus pandemic had impacted company’s operations and that Facebook, just like other big brands, is staring at a period of uncertainty.

Facebook said, “We expect our business performance will be impacted by issues beyond our control, including the duration and efficacy of shelter-in-place orders, the effectiveness of economic stimuli around the world, and the fluctuations of currencies relative to the US dollar,”.


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